Capt. Jesse Register

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide in Central, Florida

Capt. Jesse Register


Capt. Jesse guides on the flats of the world famous Mosquito Lagoon providing his clients some of the best sight fishing anywhere. Fish with Capt. Jesse for tailing redfish and black drum, world class speckled sea trout, rolling tarpon and laid up snook.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon.

Typical Weather by Season

Summer: Tropical.
Fall: Cool mornings, warm afternoons.
Winter: The winter pattern is all over the place. It can be jacket weather one day and t-shirt weather the following day.
Spring: Cool mornings, warm afternoons.

What is Provided to Customer

Top of the line equipment is provided to my clients. I only give my clients equipment that I'd use, everything from rod and reel to leaders and flies. All necessary licenses and permits are provided.

My skiff is well maintained and clean. I provide ample dry storage for your personal belongings as well as a cooler with ice and water.

I also bring along my camera on every charter. I will snap photos throughout the day of our trip, edit them and email them to you.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

Capt. Jesse’s Anglers will meet him at the dock typically right before the sun comes up, load up the skiff and head out in search of tailing redfish, laid up sea trout and rolling tarpon.

Upon arriving at the first spot, Capt. Jesse will get up on the poling platform and begin poling his anglers around looking for fish. Flats fishing is a team effort, so both guide and angler will work together to accomplish their goal of finding fish, presenting a fly to the fish and ultimately bringing their target boat side for a photo release.

After a full day, we’ll make the run back to the boat ramp where we met in the morning and call it a day.


Species you Fish for by Season

Year round: Redfish, Sea Trout, Black Drum, Snook.
Summer: Tarpon.


What Should Customers Bring

Polarized sunglasses are the most important thing to bring. Weather can change rapidly on the coast of Florida, bring appropriate clothing for the weather we may encounter.

There is dry storage on my skiff, if you’d like to bring a camera or other personal items, you can. Just be conscious of space. If you aren't going to need it or use it, don’t bring it.

There is space in the cooler for you to bring any snacks or drinks that you’d like. My only request is that you not bring glass on board.


Rate Range

Rates are based on 2 anglers.

$350 for a 4 hour trip
$450 for a 6 hour trip
$500 for an 8 hour trip


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own rod?
You can if you’d like but I supply all the equipment you will need for a day on the flats.

What’s for lunch?
We have 2 options. There is a restaurant on the water we can break at, if we are fishing in the area. The other option is to bring a lunch with you and store it in the boat cooler.

Can I bring beer?
Yes, you can bring beer. Remember, our main focus is to catch fish, pace yourself and stay sharp. I do ask that you bring cans and not glass bottles.

What should I wear?
Check the weather the night before your trip. Weather can change quickly in Florida. If it’s going to be cold, wear layers. If it’s going to rain, a rain jacket would be a good to have. A hat to keep the sun off your face and help shield your eyes is also a good idea.

Don’t forget sunblock.


Capt. Jesse Register
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide
100 Lewis Street
Edgewater, FL 32141

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