Kenauk Nature, Montebello, QC

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge in Montebello, Quebec.

Kenauk Nature, Montebello, QC


Kenauk Nature offers one of North America's most diversified angling experiences, with opportunities to fish in still waters, rivers and streams for everything from pike to lake trout on the fly. Envision yourself chasing rainbows, lake trout, sizeable bass, or northern pike on any of our 25 breathtaking lakes or pursuing wild brook trout across several of our rivers and small streams. Originally established by the King of France in 1674, this 65,000-acre property is not only one of the largest privately-held fish and game preserves in North America, it's one of the oldest!

Today, Kenauk Nature is home to 18 five-star chalets, most of which are situated on their own private lakes, offering anglers a veritable smorgasbord of still water and stream angling options! And while the secluded setting and privacy is undoubtedly one of the main draws, it's hardly the only one: the property also hosts a sporting clay course, off-road driving with the Land Rover Experience Driving School, guided nature walks, canoeing, stand-up paddle boards and a variety of other outdoor adventure activities.

Whatever your fancy, the property's guide staff will make sure that your stay and angling experience will be one to cherish. Needless to say, the resources that are available at Kenauk Nature are vast, and the scope of the fishing opportunity is beyond compare.

Date Range

From ice-out in late April to mid November.

What is Provided to Customer

Our five-star chalets are fully equipped to provide a best-in-class experience and to ensure a home-like stay. Boats are provided to each chalet for guest use, enabling guests to fully explore Kenauk at their own pace. All of our trips are customisable to the liking of each angler.

Our Fly Fishers International (FFI) certified guides and casting instructors are on site telp you maximize your angling experience; their knowledge of the territory and ability to fish a broad spectrum of species will surpass your highest expectations.

Services available at Kenauk Nature include:

  • Guided fly-fishing trips for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, lake trout, brook trout, pike (on-site) and muskie (off-site)
  • Canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards
  • Tours of Kenauk's fish hatchery
  • Access to the Whitefish Activity Center
  • Rods and reels are available for rent
  • Floating sauna for rent
  • Quebec fishing licenses are sold at the entrance gate to Kenauk Nature

Services nearby: golf course designed by Stanley Thompson, Fairmont's Le Chateau Montebello's spa, pools, gym, indoor tennis courts and squash courts.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

Lakes and small streams on a private property of 65,000 acres located on the edge of the Laurentian Mountains, halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.

Kenauk Nature is easily accessible by car from the northeastern US, and a reasonable drive from Boston, New York City, and Burlington VT. Kenauk is located in a remote, pristine landscape but its proximity to several metropolitan regions makes it an excellent destination for a short fly-fishing trip. It is also possible for us to arrange transportation from Ottawa and Montreal's international airports to Kenauk Nature.

Kenauk Nature is comprised of over 25 private lakes and rivers, all at the disposal of our clients.

Typical Weather by Season

The weather on Kenauk Nature's territory is similar to that of the northeastern United States.

Spring temperatures average 45-65 F with occasional rainfall. Summer is warmer (70-80 F) and drier. Autumn is quite colorful as the leaves change and temperatures cool to springtime averages. In autumn rainfall also increases. Light snowfalls typically begin in mid-November with lakes freezing in early December. Ice-out occurs in mid to late April, which marks the beginning of the trout fishing season.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

A typical group of 2-4 fishermen enjoy 3-5 nights in a 5-star chalet located on its own private rainbow trout lake. During their stay they will visit a nearby brook trout lake that is reserved exclusively for their group for the day and perhaps fish a bass lake as well. Some groups will also shoot a round of sporting clays or play 18 holes in the nearby Stanley Thompson designed golf course.


On-site Activities

A sporting clay course, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boards, more than 60 miles of hiking trails, 60 miles of gravel roads for mountain biking and Land Rover North America operates a Driving School on-site.

Off-site Activities

Located in the town of Montebello, the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello has various activities to offer including an 18 hole Stanley Thompson designed golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, swimming pools, spa and quad rental center. An animal park, Park Omega, is also located 4 miles from Kenauk Nature.


Lodging, Meals, and Accommodations

Located within Kenauk Nature are 18 Chalets, 7 of which are located on their own private lake, ranging in size from 1-7 bedrooms and accommodating 2-20 people. Most groups in chalets prepare their own meals in the well-equipped kitchens.

Guests can also choose to have catered meals delivered to your chalet, or to have a private chef prepare meals in-house. Guests who prefer may also drive to Montebello where there are several dining options.


Species You Fish for by Season

The rainbow, brook and lake trout season begins at ice-out in the third or fourth week of April. Rainbow and brook trout ends in mid-November at the end of the deer hunting season. The lake trout season ends in mid-September.

Pike season starts in mid-May and ends in mid-November.

Bass season begins in mid-June (smallmouth and largemouth) and ends in mid-November.


What Should Customers Bring?

Food, clothing and fishing gear (unless you prefer to rent gear).

Fishing gear: We recommend you bring your personal fly fishing gear, although our Pro-shop has comprehensive equipment for your angling experience. From rods and reels to the fly of the moment, our team will help you to select the right equipment for your targeted species.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How large is the property?
A. Kenauk Nature is 65,000 acres with one gated access. It contains about 60 lakes, of which 25 are accessible for fishing.

Q. How remote are the chalets?
A. The 18 chalets vary from 5 to 12 miles from the entrance gate and all are very secluded. Seven chalets are located on their own private lakes, 2 are located along rivers and 7 are either on Papineau Lake, the largest lake on the property (with 3600 acres of water) or Mills Lake. Our chalets use solar power energy and propane.

Q. Is there electricity and telephones at the chalets?
A. All of the chalets are located off the electrical grid. Power for the well pumps and refrigerators is supplied by solar panels. The cooking, heating and lighting is powered by propane. There are no telephones or televisions at the chalets.

Q. Do cell phones work here?
A. Most guests use a retreat at Kenauk Nature as an opportunity to detach from the office. In fact, many guests comment that they hope there will never be cell phone coverage in the area. However, cell towers continue to be built and there is now very limited cell phone coverage at some of the lakes and chalets near the outer boundaries of the property and at some of the higher elevations.

Q. What happens if there is an emergency?
A. This is a very large property, with very limited cell phone coverage. In an emergency, there are telephones at the marina on the largest lake, at the picnic site in the center of the property and at the entrance gate to Kenauk Nature. Frequently the best option is to drive out to the entrance gate. There are several medical clinics and hospitals within a 1 hour drive and reliable ambulance services in the area.

Q. What is the best time to go?
A. The end of April and early May, right after ice out, can be a great time for brook and rainbow trout as they are hungry after the winter and eager to feed. The lake trout are also in the shallows and feeding near the surface in early spring. As the water warms through May and June the trout fishing remains good with a wide variety of hatches occurring. By the end of June the trout retreat to deeper waters and it is time to switch to sinking lines and bead head flies, or begin targeting bass. Early September brings cooler nights and from mid-September to mid-October the trout are back on the surface, the leaves are spectacular and the temperatures ideal for fishing. For many guests, this is the best time of the year.

Q. Can we keep fish?
A. Several lakes and all the streams and rivers are managed with a catch and release policy. For trout, Surprise (brooks) and Twins (rainbows) are fly only, catch and release lakes. Maholey, Whitefish and Fabre lakes have been managed as “catch and release” lakes for decades, and all contain large populations of bass. Keeping some fish for supper is permitted at the remaining lakes, including the lakes with chalets.

Q. Are there a lot of biting flies?
A. From May 10-25 is the black fly season – it is earlier and shorter than many locations in Quebec due to the southern latitude and relatively low altitude (500 feet above sea level) of Kenauk Nature. Although there are some mosquitoes on summer evenings, these are not a significant issue – more so are the deer flies that can be aggressive some days in July in areas away from the water.

Q. Will my children have fun?
A. Due to its size and long history as a wilderness retreat, Kenauk Nature has all the feel of a remote location but it is actually easy to access from either the Ottawa or Montreal airports less than 1 ½ hours away. Combining this easy access with comfortable chalets and a wide variety of activities makes Kenauk Nature an ideal location to take young children or grandchildren on a fishing trip. In fact, the property has been a fishing destination since 1930 and many elderly guests bring their grandchildren to the same chalets that their grandfathers first brought them fishing many decades ago.


Kenauk Nature
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge
Montebello, Quebec, Canada

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