Mountain River Guide Lanyard

Our thoughtfully designed Mountain River Guide fly-fishing lanyard is an angler's essential.


Carry everything you'll need for a day on the stream with this ergonomic and handy Mountain River Guide fly-fishing lanyard. With a horizontal tippet spool carrier, floatant caddy, two foam fly patches, four stainless clips to hold tools, a shirt clip, and a trout-print fly-drying chamois, the only thing missing is a fish on the end of the line. Features a padded, segmented neck strap, and built-in breakaway safety release can also be used for easy on-and-off. Garnished with custom beadwork. Available as a fully loaded model. Made with nylon cording. Made in USA.
  • Featuring a horizontal tippet holder and floatant caddy
  • Four accessory clips keep tools close at hand
  • Shirt clip prevents swing
  • Two soft foam fly rolls for drying flies
  • Trout-print chamois square for drying flies
  • Fully adjustable cord slide
  • Quick release for safety
  • Soft foam neck roll for all-day comfort
  • Nylon cording is tough, but light


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