Orvis Fatwood - 14-lb. Wooden Box

Keep the fire roaring with eco-friendly Orvis Fatwood Fire Starter in our 14-lb. wooden box.


This Orvis Fatwood Fire Starter in a wooden box is an Orvis original. The quickest way to start a crackling fire. Cut from the resin-saturated heartwood found in the stumps of longleaf pines, our fatwood burns with a hot, aromatic pine flame that makes it perfect kindling for wood fires, whether in the woodstove, hearth, or campfire. Orvis introduced the world to fatwood in 1970 and ever since we have prided ourselves in offering the best. It's Earth-friendly—no living trees are harvested in making it. 14-lb. wooden box. Imported.
Box measures: 9¾"H x 14½"L x 9½"W.
  • Perfect kindling for the woodstove, hearth, or campfire
  • Burns with a hot, aromatic pine flame
  • Earth-friendly—no living trees are harvested in making it
  • Cut from the resin-saturated heartwood found in the stumps of longleaf pines
  • Packaged in a sturdy wooden box that looks great near your hearth

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Orvis Fatwood

Fatwood fuels efforts of conservation and economic recovery in troubled Honduras.

Orvis Fatwood is more than a pretty pile of sticks. Besides being a great gift for any household, a gift rooted in traditions of the Old South as well as the North, Fatwood continues to light the way for the Orvis company, providing a shining example for employees and customers alike of our commitment to quality and sustainable business practices.

Originally, Fatwood was harvested from the stumps left over from logging operations of the past. Pine pitch, which has many uses including in the making of turpentine, is natural resin that lights quickly, stays lit for a while, and smells great. It's found in highest concentration in stumps of mature long-leaf pines.

Using cross-cut saws, early loggers left a tall stump behind and generally had no notion of sustainable harvesting practice. Leigh Perkins "found some old pulp and timber cutters who knew the woods and would go back into the forest and salvage the old fatwood stumps."

Since its introduction in 1969, Orvis Fatwood has been a catalog favorite. The success of Fatwood surprised everyone. As a result, supplies of leftover stumps that could be harvested in a low-impact manner were quickly used up.

The challenge was put to our buyers to find a supply of fatwood that was of similar quality and was harvested in a sustainable, low-impact manner in keeping with Orvis' environmental mission.

In addition to being ecologically beneficial, responsible harvesting of Fatwood helps the local economy, too. Employment prospects in Central America have been severely hurt by a dramatic decrease in the price paid for coffee beans. Since Fatwood is one of the few raw wood products that holds nearly all of its value in the labor required to harvest, cut, and package it, jobs are created and people are given an ongoing opportunity to earn a living.

Orvis is proud to offer our earth-friendly Fatwood.

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