Orvis x NRS Hookjaw Raft Package

The inflatable Orvis x NRS/Star Hookjaw Raft Package boasts impressive maneuverability


Built on the framework of the NRS/Star High 5 Self-Bailing inflatable raft, this Orvis/NRS collaboration Hookjaw Package has everything you need to get out on the water. Ideal for paddlers who want to challenge themselves on technical whitewater, or you can row it on smaller streams where larger boats can't go. Diminishing tubes punch through waves and create more room in the bow and stern compartments. A 4" thick drop-stitch floor insert inflates to a rigid 8-10 psi for stiff and responsive whitewater performance. STAR rafts and catarafts are built with advanced-formula PVC material using state-of-the-art seam-welding technology, resulting in superior abrasion resistance, longevity and air retention. Heavy-duty tube and floor material shrugs off encounters with rocks and the wear and tear that comes with years of adventures. Wear patches on the tops of the tubes add a layer of protection plus better traction for paddlers seated on the tubes. Four separate air chambers in the outer tube keep you afloat in the event of a puncture. Top-quality Leafield C7 inflation valves ensure trouble-free performance. Includes ten 1.5" stainless steel D-rings and two carry handles, high-pressure hand pump required to fully inflate the drop-stitch floor, repair kit and 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial. In olive. Length: 9' 10" does not include any additional length the frame may add . Width: 5' 4". Weight: 87 lbs. raft only, not including frame and accessories. Includes removable thwart, not pictured. Imported.
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  • Orvis Hookjaw Package includes:
  • 1 High back swivel seat
  • 1 Low back padded seat
  • 2 NRS Frame Oar Mounts
  • 2 NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks
  • 1 Pair oarlock stainless steel springs
  • 2 Lynch pin oarlock keepers
  • 2 NRS Strap
  • 2 8' Cataract SGG Oar Shafts
  • 2 Cataract Oar Magnum 7"
  • 2 Molded oar sleeves
  • 2 Plastic oar stoppers
  • 1 Anchor system-long mast
  • 30' of anchor rope
  • 1 Thigh bar
  • 1 Super Pump ll


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