Personalized Martingale No-Pull Collar

Our personalized dog collars will see your pet home safely. Made in USA.


Designed to tighten up just enough to get your dog's attention, without ever causing choking. A martingale collar provides more control over your dog thanks to a two-loop design, one that goes around your dog's neck and a smaller loop for leash attachment. When your dog tries to pull, the small loop pulls taut and tightens up the larger loop, controlling your dog and preventing them from escaping. Originally designed for sight hounds whose narrow heads caused them to easily slip out of standard buckle collars. This safe and effective collar is favored by professional dog handlers and trainers. Top-quality nylon webbing and a sturdy steel D-ring ensure durability, while your dog's name and your phone number embroidered onto the collar makes sure your dog always finds their way home. For correct size, measure at the top of the neck, directly behind the ears. Personalize small with up to 15 letters and/or numbers, including spaces; medium and large with up to 24 letters and/or numbers, including spaces. Personalization is available on collars only. Choose contrasting thread color: gold, pink, red, purple, green, blue, orange, white, black. All personalization in uppercase letters. Washable. Made in USA.
  • Designed to tighten only to a certain point to get the dog's attention without choking
  • High-quality nylon webbing provides durability and strength
  • Rugged steel D-ring
  • Personalized for safety and peace of mind


  • Small ⅝"W, 10"-14" neck size
  • Medium ¾"W, 15"-20" neck size
  • Large 1"W, 17"-24" neck size

Leash cannot be personalized in set.

Note: For use when walking dog only; not recommended for everyday wear or for tying out your dog.

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Size Chart

Collars: Measure Your Dog for the Right Fit

Where to measure for control collars and regular collars.Proper collar fit is vital for your dog’s health and safety, yet many dog owners don’t know how to determine whether their dogs’ collars fit correctly. Choose a collar that allows you to easily slip two fingers into the collar without touching your dog’s fur. Of course, you don’t want the collar to be too loose, but it should be one notch away from being able to slide over your dog’s head.

Choose a comfortable cloth, webbing, or leather collar. Bare chains are too rough and can get caught on obstacles, leading to injury. If you must use a chain-type choke collar, choose a style that features a protective fabric cover encasing the chain. Collars that encircle the muzzle are excellent for firm control without discomfort, and do not restrict breathing the way traditional choke collars do.
Dr. Gretchen Allen, DVM

To determine the correct collar size, you will need to measure your dog's neck. For a regular day- to-day collar, use a fabric tape measure and measure by wrapping it comfortably around the base of your dog's neck, with enough room to fit two fingers in between the tape and your dog. For a control collar, you will need to take another measurement at the top of the neck, directly behind the ears, to correspond with the size of the collar in the closed position. Once you have taken these measurements, let our Orvis Pet Experts help you select the right collar size.

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Personalized Collars and Leashes
An Orvis Personalized Dog CollarThe Orvis Personalized Dog Collar to the Rescue: A True Story

A little boy in search of his lost dog. It’s the stuff of which movies are made.

A few summers ago, with the help of one of our personalized dog collars, we were involved in just such a drama. Seems Buddy, a golden retriever tagging along to a family reunion far from home, decided to do a little wandering and soon found himself in a dog pound.

Just by chance that day, Orvis customer Peggy Hinson stopped by the pound and took notice of Buddy. Driving away from the pound, she just couldn't get the dog out of her mind. When she got home, she called back and asked if the dog had any identification. She was told he had an embroidered collar with his name and phone number-but no area code. Suddenly it clicked with Hinson that Buddy was wearing the familiar Orvis dog collar.

She took down the information, tried the local area code to no avail, and dialed up Orvis. It took just a minute for Customer Service to search out Buddy's owners, using the seven-digit phone number from the collar.

Eight hours later, a thankful Buddy was reunited with one happy five-year old boy. "Orvis is big in my heart," says Hinson." You saved not just a dog, but a little boy's heart." And just in case Buddy's wandering days aren't over, Orvis has sent him a new dog collar which includes his area code.


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