Pine Shadows Springer Spaniels, MN

Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder in Brainerd, Minnesota

Pine Shadows Springer Spaniels, MN


Pine Shadows is in the business of creating relationships with you, your pet, and understanding how to create a pet that is sociable and adaptable to your families' individualities. Out of the crate, the Pine Shadows springer spaniel has inherited instincts of questing, flushing, and retrieving with a powerful gait and a winning smile. However, some degree of refinement will always be necessary, and more importantly, the communication between owner and dog needs to be practiced and learned.

Our heritage spans over four decades. We are consistently refining our ability to communicate quality with our English springer spaniels, priding ourselves on the attention, education, and personal detail given to every client, employee, and our community. We take responsibility for the quality of the hunting world, not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

Dog and handler instruction is available in three areas: Obedience, to fit into family—all family members should be trained in this; Field, to hunt productively and proudly, forming the unique, lasting bond of companionship of hunter and gun dog; and finally, Trials and Tests, the epitome of bringing out the best in dog and handler.

Our Location

Mark and Sophie Haglin started Pine Shadows in 1975 as a gun-dog training kennel and breeder of English springer spaniels. We started with four kennel runs and a litter of springers and continued growing the business until 1989. Since 1990, Pine Shadows has expanded to 17 employees, including three full-time dog trainers, one full-time dog groomer, and a cat-boarding specialist. In 2004, the Orvis Company recognized Pine Shadows as the first springer spaniel kennel in the US to achieve the Orvis Endorsement for gun-dog kennels.

Our Guarantee

Having high regard for our springers and for you, we strive to establish compatibility with you. By visiting us we are better able to serve you with selecting a springer that correlates with the needs and demands of you and your family's lifestyle. We want to make sure a successful combination results in a lifelong partnership. Your satisfaction is our goal and, on the occasion we have an incompatible situation with a dog, we will always take the dog back, refund your purchase price or replace with a better dog for you no matter the reason.

Our belief is that each puppy is a family member and needs as much attention, care, training, and time as any new addition to the family.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work for getting a pup from Pine Shadows?
The Pine Shadows team has developed a seven-step fitting process to ensure a quality fit the first time. The steps in the Fitting Process are:

1. Examine the type of hunting you and the dog will be doing.
2. Observe you and your family’s personalities.
3. Understand your expectations of a Pine Shadows springer.
4. Explain living with a Pine Shadows springer.
5. Establish a training program for you and your new dog.
6. Discuss the temperament you are looking for.
7. Find out the physical characteristics desired in your dog.

When this information is gathered we will make suggestions about which litters, puppies, or started dogs that best match what you want.

A $300 deposit is received to put your name on the list for a pup.


Pine Shadows Springer Spaniels
Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder
Mark and Sophie Haglin
14752 Three Mile Road
Brainerd, MN 56401

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