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Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder in Brainerd, Minnesota


We, Mark and Sophie Haglin, established Pine Shadows in 1976 near Brainerd, Minnesota; we are proud to be an Orvis-endorsed gun dog breeder of English Springer Spaniels. Our facility includes a 7,200 sq.ft. kennel building and 180 acres of land devoted to dog training with natural grass fields, cattail sloughs, hedgerows, and grouse woods. We employ a staff of 17, including pet care workers, groomers, and three full-time trainers, headed by our son Morgan.

With over four decades of proven excellence, we continue to refine our ability to communicate quality with our English Springer Spaniels. We take great pride in the attention, education, and personal involvement we provide to every client. We take responsibility for our role in the quality of the hunting dog world, not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

Pine Shadows is in the business of creating relationships between you and your pet, and understanding how to create a pet that is sociable and adaptable to your family. Out of the crate, the Pine Shadows Springer Spaniel has the instincts of questing, flushing, and retrieving with a powerful gait and a winning smile. However, some degree of refinement will always be necessary, and more importantly, the communication between owner and dog needs to be practiced and learned. Our belief is that each puppy is a family member and needs as much attention, care, training, and time as any new addition to the family.



A ten-week-old English Springer Spaniel puppy from Pine Shadows is $2,000.

What is Provided:

Before a dog is selected as a potential breeding dog, all health-related issues are cleared, including hips OFA rated, eyes cleared, and Brucellosis tests.

Puppies at 10 weeks old go home with all the needed vaccinations for the age of the puppy and a folder of information for the new owner to provide to your veterinarian. This folder contains the type of vaccinations used, dates of the vaccinations and any related information regarding your pup and the upbringing it has had to date. A packet of information is also included with the pup. This gives the buyer an owner’s manual for how to raise and care for the pup plus explanations of the imprinting process and what training has been ongoing with the pup from day one.


The concern for many is, “Can a gun dog also be a house dog, family pet?” The answer is yes, if our selection process is followed during the production and training of the pup.

The steps in the selection process are:
1. Examine the type of hunting you and the dog will be doing.
2. Observe you and your family’s personalities.
3. Understand your expectations of a Pine Shadows springer.
4. Explain living with a Pine Shadows springer.
5. Establish a training program for you and your new dog.
6. Discuss the temperament you are looking for.
7. Find out the physical characteristics desired in your dog. When this information is gathered we will make suggestions about which litters, puppies, or started dogs that best match.


Having high regard for our springers and for you, we strive to establish compatibility with you and your new pup. By visiting us, we are better able to serve you with selecting a springer that correlates with the needs and demands of you and your family's lifestyle. We want to make sure a successful combination results in a lifelong partnership. Your satisfaction is our goal and on the occasion we have an incompatible situation with a dog, we will always take the dog back, refund your purchase price, or replace with a better dog for you—no matter the reason.

The puppy or started dog you have purchased from Pine Shadows is guaranteed for its hunting ability, health, and temperament, conforming to your lifestyle, and becoming an important member of your family. If the springer you have purchased from Pine Shadows does not meet your expectations, then Pine Shadows will replace the dog with another puppy or a started dog, or refund the purchase price in exchange for the dog. Pine Shadows may deduct a re-training/use fee on puppies and started dogs if necessary.

The above satisfaction guarantee will be fulfilled upon meeting the following conditions:
1. The dog must have been purchased from Pine Shadows.
2. Pine Shadows must be notified about your displeasure with the dog.
3. The dog must not have produced offspring.
4. The dog must still be in the possession of the original owner.
5. The dog must still be alive.
6. The dog must be returned to Pine Shadows in good health at the expense of the owner with current vaccination records and signed AKC registration paper.

Breeds Overview

Life moves quickly in the 21st century. It seems everywhere you look, technological advancements are improving our way of life. Some things, however, still require that old-fashioned touch. Here at Pine Shadows, we feel the best way to produce high-quality English springer spaniels is with a lot of hard work, patience, and love for the dogs.

We take pride in knowing our dogs, making them a part of our extended family. This allows us to place our pups with compatible families to ensure all those involved, both two- and four-legged, are satisfied. Taking the time to know our customers and our dogs has helped us to successfully place hundreds of dogs into loving, supportive homes over the years. We do not believe in rushing Mother Nature. It takes time to produce dogs with outstanding noses, trainability, retrieving skills, and dynamite personalities.

Inquiries about upcoming Pine Shadows litters are always welcomed. It is our goal to provide you and your family with a top-notch hunter and companion. We feel its personality and natural abilities are what make it an excellent hunter and pet. We do require a deposit to secure a pup for your family. The $500 deposit is completely refundable if for any reason a pup from Pine Shadows is not selected.

All our puppies are fully guaranteed (see the Pine Shadows guarantee policy). Pine Shadows pups are all AKC registered with no restrictions.

The Pine Shadows line of springers is the result of our breeding to produce easy to train gun dogs that are natural retrievers on land and water, and each possessing a superior nose for finding, flushing, and retrieving birds.

Puppies at Pine Shadows are a special affair. They are treated with the greatest care and respect because their heritage is our heritage. Bearing the excellence of Pine Shadows legacy they are expected to transcend the values and beliefs of our breeding system.

Acquiring a Pine Shadows English springer spaniel is an investment that will last for many years. It will provide you with a tremendous hunting partner and a beloved member of the family.


Pine Shadows Springer Spaniels
Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder
Mark and Sophie Haglin
14752 Three Mile Road
Brainerd, MN 56401
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