YETI® Rambler MagSlider™ Lid

The Rambler MagSlider spill-proof lid delivers the matchless performance you expect of YETI®.

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Upgrade your Rambler tumbler with this Magslider™ spill-proof lid from YETI®. The Magslider features magnets for smooth opening and closing and stays securely closed if tumbler is knocked over in the boat, car, or at home. YETI's magnet technology works double-duty, allowing for easy cleaning. Simply pop the Magslider off, rinse, dry, and recap your tumbler. The clear lid lets you see when you need to top off and, like the rest of the Rambler series, the Magslider lid is spill resistant, shatter resistant, and BPA-free. Imported.

  • Fits YETI Rambler tumblers
  • Magnets create a spill-proof lid
  • Magslider pops off for easy cleaning
  • Shatter resistant, secure lid for go-anywhere convenience
  • Clear, BPA-free lid design allows you to see inside your cup
  • Comes in two sizes to fit 20 or 30 oz. tumbler
  • Hand wash
  • Imported


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