RNT Original Duck Call

This versatile duck call makes it easy to produce a wide range of essential duck calls.


The ultimate: one call to do it all. From loud ringing hail calls, raw, hang-it-all-out duck, to super-sexy, soft, up-close, put-your-landing-gear-down calling. Designed to be easy for the average caller to produce a wide range of soft, low, loud, and raspy sounds, and built to last and withstand the harshest, coldest weather. Available in two options: acrylic or kingwood. The acrylic call is cast into a solid rod, resulting in a very durable call. Denser than wood, acrylic provides a much sharper and louder sound. Kingwood produces softer, deeper, mellower sounds. It is ideal for long-distance calling, open water, and field hunting. In acrylic mallard, kingwood. Made in USA.


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