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Orvis-Endorsed Gun Dog Breeder in Eatonton, GA


SunSage Sporting Dogs is an Orvis-endorsed gun-dog breeder in Georgia specializing in well-started young English cocker spaniels through completely finished gun dogs. Time spent as managers and professional wingshooting guides at top venues throughout the world has led SunSage Sporting Dogs to be renowned for high-quality gun dogs and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Originally from Oregon, and now based in Georgia, SunSage produces dogs who have experienced a variety of hunt conditions while meeting the rigorous requirements of travel and varied circumstances. Our top priority is placing the right gun dog with the right person or family. Our team looks forward to helping you find your best hunting partner and hearth companion at SunSage Sporting Dogs, where proven performance in the field is a daily reality, and quality, rather than quantity, is valued.



English cocker spaniel puppies starting at $2,200.00.

Please feel free to visit our website and call to inquire about available dogs. Often dogs may be available at a later date and may not be currently listed on the website, so please reach out to let us know what you are looking for:

What is Provided:

DNA Genetic Testing is conducted on all breeding sires and dams (off-spring from parents, that are both clear of the following genetic tests, will be hereditary-clear) and includes degenerative myelopathy, exercise-induced collapse, familial nephropathy (cocker spaniel type), glycogen storage disease VII, progressive retinal atrophy, and progressive rod-cone degeneration, acral mutilation syndrome.

All breeding sires and dams have screenings for hips and elbow dysplasia, performed by a veterinarian with x-rays sent to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for grading and certification.

OFA/CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registration) examinations are performed by board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists and assist in monitoring heritable eye disease in purebred dogs. A dog that is registered by OFA/CAER has been examined and found to be unaffected by major heritable eye disease. The screening and examinations are performed annually as many ocular diseases may not appear until late in life. The combination of annual screening eye exams and DNA genetic testing to rule out heritable disease, shows our commitment to ensuring the quality of dogs we produce as well as our integrity to the breed. All breeding dogs have an annual OFA/CAER, with the genetic testing being valid for life. Every puppy or dog sold has a current, annual OFA/CAER exam.


The state-of-the-art kennel facilities and training grounds offer the opportunity to develop well-rounded, well-socialized, and healthy dogs. We have a unique perspective of dog training honed through our extensive personal hunting experiences and professional guiding backgrounds. Dog training is delivered by the SunSage team across multiple courses at two distinct locations in Georgia. Lakes and ponds, quail courses, cover strips, and dove fields are some of the many varied hunting scenarios that the SunSage team is able to expose its dogs to during training. With access to several thousand acres of training and hunting grounds, we encourage opportunities to view and observe dogs in action.

All SunSage dogs are whelped onsite in dedicated, climate controlled, whelping kennels.

Extensive indoor and outdoor runs and outdoor exercise areas provide SunSage dogs with ample stimulation and exercise each day. Health and hygiene matters are managed in a industry-leading treatment facility linked to the kennels. All dogs are well-socialized and handled on a daily basis. While dogs do live in a kennel environment, they level of human interaction and socialization they receive leads happy, confident dogs that make an easy transition into a home environment.

Kennel operations are reviewed and monitored by a licensed veterinarian, including vaccination protocols, deworming schedules, health testing, sanitization protocols, and an annual inspection the facility.


SunSage Sporting Dogs guarantees all dogs to be free from congenital defects and disease, free from parasite infestation at the time of sale, and selectively bred to preserve true breed-type, ability, and temperament. This guarantee is backed by the listed health certifications performed. A signed sales contract is required for each dog sold which provides details on returns and satisfaction guarantees and is available for review upon request. The top priority for the SunSage team is placing the right dog with the right family and home. In-depth communication with prospective buyers to determine their needs for hunting, the desired level of drive, and their individual background and experience is used to ensure the best fit possible. The team at SunSage stays in contact and follows-up on each dog sold with the goal to assist, answer questions and provide needed support. SunSage Sporting Dogs backs all dogs with a satisfaction guarantee is happy to provide references from previous buyers.

Breeds Overview

The SunSage kennel includes some of the finest English cocker spaniels in North America. The basis of the SunSage breeding program originates from the original Parkbreck lines of two-time UK Cocker Championship winner Carl Colclough. Their pedigrees include FTCH Jade of Livermere and FTCH Jasper of Parkbreck (1992 UK National Champion). Other notable dogs in the SunSage pedigrees include FTCH Chynkell Goldstar (2004 UK National Champion), FTCH Danderw Druid (2006 UK National Champion) FTCH Argyll Warrior (Sire to 2007, 2010 & 2013 UK National Champions) and FTCH Rowston Spikey Aderyngi (Sire to 2nd and 4th placed dogs at 2018 UK National Championships). All cockers come from a proven working field background, either from our personal guide string or from working shooting estates in the UK. The SunSage English cocker spaniels are compact and powerful dogs that display the typical "merry cocker" style when covering the ground and hunting. The SunSage kennel has a strong focus on correct conformation and breed integrity given the fact that all are working, hunting dogs. These dogs are purposefully bred for health, temperament, intelligence, biddability, and performance in the field.


SunSage Sporting Dogs
Orvis-Endorsed Gun Dog Breeder
Eatonton, GA

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