Terrestrial Selection

7 flies


A selection of the most popular beetles (2), hoppers (2), cricket, and ant patterns in assorted sizes.
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The Terrestrial Fly Selection

Hoppers, beetles, and ants, oh my. The bugs big trout can’t resist!

The major hatches of spring and early summer are over and the tricos are yet to come.

No worries.

The bankside grasses are alive with those land-dwelling bugs, terrestrials, that big trout can’t resist any more than you or I can resist stopping off for that double cheeseburger special with fries and a shake at the local snack bar after a day on the river. Hoppers, beetles, crickets, and ants equal protein. And that’s what big fish, and little fish that want to become big fish, crave. When a hopper or one of its multi-legged-brethren drops into the slow seams and foam lines along the grassy banks and start struggling, big fish come up and suck them down with that big glug and that monstrous vortex that makes your heart stop and your head wheel around as you reach for a pattern to tie on that matches “the hatch.” Let’s face it, catching fish on dries is fun, and terrestrial patterns are the biggest baddest “dries” of the year, and by far the most fun to fish.

Our Terrestrial Selection gives you seven patterns proven time and again to land big (and small) trout cruising for that protein fix. If you’re after big trout that lurk near the bank and are ready to smash a terrestrial as soon as it hits the water, you want this selection.

The Quick Sight Beetle and Ant and Rosenbauer’s Parachute Beetle patterns are great imitations, and unlike other beetle and ant patterns that you couldn’t track on the surface with a pair of binoculars, the Quick Sights are easy to keep an eye on, so you’re on your game and ready to set the hook at all times.

The Dave’s Hopper, Schroeder’s Parachute Hopper, and Thompson’s AF Hopper are all longtime favorite hopper patterns that have caught literally thousands of big trout across the country. Dave’s Cricket pattern is also a proven go-to pattern the trout can’t resist when they’re out to get the most protein they can in July and August, even all the way through to October.

Cast any of these patterns up tight to a bank, especially grassy banks where the natural hoppers and crickets and ants dwell. If you don’t get a fish to smack it when it hits the water, give the fly a few twitches. Unlike fishing mayfly patterns, where precision and a perfect textbook drift are often needed, these big terrestrials can be twitched and often get some of the biggest strikes when they are. So, grab yourself a selection or two and get out there after some of the most fun “dry fly” fishing of the year.

- by Eric Rickstad, editor-in-chief of The Orvis News.

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