The Winder Knot-Tyer with DVD - RDR

Master fly-fishing knot tying with this simple tool. Made in USA.


Wind the knots you need for successful fly fishing, easily, quickly, and precisely, every time. This innovative and practical fly-fishing tool ties nail knots, blood knots, surgeon's knot, Albright knots, improved clinch knots, and many more classic fishing knots, broken down in the easy-to-follow step-by-step DVD to make the patent-pending technology simple to use. Small and lightweight to keep on the water. Made in USA. Note to customers: As anglers, many of us would love nothing more than to have an automated knot-tying tool. Unfortunately, one has yet to be invented—which is why we recommend The Winder. It's designed to assist you with tying the most common fly-fishing knots, and as far as knot-tying tools go, it's one of the most thoughtful and versatile ones on the market. With a little practice, and some help from the DVD, The Winder is an extremely handy streamside gadget.


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