ThermaCELL® Heat Pack HandWarmers

These electronic hand warmers are thin, lightweight and rechargeable.


ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers can be used multiple places on the body to keep you warm all winter long. They are thin, lightweight, rechargeable, long-lasting heat packs with three temperature settings reaching up to 122 degrees. ThermaCELL Heat Packs recharge hundreds of times, are shock-resistant, water-resistant, and transferable between pockets, jackets, pants, gloves anywhere you are cold. They will provide up to 6 hours of constant heat. Simply charge your ThermaCELL via Micro USB between uses to keep it ready for the next time you need to take control of the cold. Store in a clean and dry place. Charge batteries fully before long-term storage. Recharge the batteries every few months to maintain peak performance. Only use ThermaCELL Heat Packs chargers to charge ThermaCELL Heat Packs. Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents. Do not submerge in water. Heat Packs are water resistant, not waterproof. If Heat Packs become submerged in water, air dry before attempting to use. Only air-dry the Heat Packs. Do not place them on radiators or any other hot surface. Let the Heat Packs dry completely before charging and attempting to use again. Removal of outer cover can and will permanently damage the product and the product warranty will be null and void. In black. Imported.


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