Three Rivers Lodge, Newfoundland and Labrador

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge


Wilderness fly fishing for native cold-water fishes in Labrador.

Region/ Terrain Where you Fish

Western Labrador's taiga, or boreal forest

Typical Weather by Season

Summers only
Average high temp - 65 degrees F.
Average low temp - 45 degrees F.

Lodging Meals and Accommodations

All inclusive.


Sample of Typical Trip

Seven nights occupancy in camp and six days fishing the Woods River Wilderness area.


On-site Activities

Fly fishing, canoeing, birding, and hiking the wilderness area.


What is provided to the customer?

Private cabin, double occupancy with private bathroom; All meals including shore lunch to order; Non-alcoholic beverages; Fully guided 2 guests per 1 guide; licenses. Lodge has rods and reels guests are welcome to use at no charge.

Guests order alcoholic beverages and mixers and Three Rivers Lodge delivers their orders to camp prior to guests’ arrival. Guests pay for said beverages before leaving camp.

What Should Customers Bring?

Personal gear and clothing, fly fishing gear including rods in the 6 to 8 weight range; foul weather gear; waders and wading boots; toiletries including medicines; bug shirt or head net.


Species you Fish for by Season

Summers only
Brook trout, lake trout, northern pike, white fish, landlocked salmon, Arctic charr


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my destination airport?
Guests must travel to Wabush, NL via Air Canada or Provincial Airlines (PAL). Our hospitality lady in Wabush will meet all guests at the airport upon their arrival and take care of all transfers during their stay.

What are the guest accommodations like?
Guests stay in private cabins, double occupancy, each with a full, private bath.

Is there a manager or owner in camp through the summer?
Kevin Barry, camp manager for seventeen years, is first in and last out each summer. The managing partner also spends his summers in camp.

What kind of meals are served at the lodge?
Our two cooks, Frances and Judy, are native Newfoundlanders and serve ample and delightful home-style meals, many in their native Newfy tradition.

How bad are the bugs?
Biting insects are rarely an issue while on the water. While walking in the woods, however, guests need to be prepared with bug shirts or head nets and repellent with deet.

Is your trout fishing in still or moving waters?
Our fly fishing for brook trout is all in moving waters - the streams, feeder creeks and main rapids of the Woods River System. We also regularly visit many other Labrador river systems via float plane to fish for landlocked salmon and Arctic charr. We are primarily a wade fishing operation. All moving water is “fly fishing only”.

Our “flat” water, a vast number of lakes and broad reaches in our river system, are full of lake trout and northern pike, accessed by Lund Alaskans and fished with either fly gear or spin-cast gear

What percentage of your business is repeat clients?
Our repeat business varies from year to year. In 2015, it was 78%, but typically averages about 60%

Are your guides qualified?
Three Rivers Lodge guides are all from Newfoundland or Quebec and are trained as required in CPR and First Aid. Each guide is licensed with the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and is certified in small boat handling. Our guides, all long-term employees, are full of yarns and lore and enrich each of our guest’s experiences.

Do you have internet and/or cell service?
We are much to far from civilization to have cell service in camp. We do, however, have satellite internet and phone services guests are welcomed to use.

What is the daily fishing schedule?
Fishing begins immediately after the 7:00 am breakfast gathering and continues through the day until angling parties return for dinner at 7:00 pm. Local area fishing is available after dinner should any guests request it.

Is Three Rivers Lodge a good place for novice fly anglers?
Our staff and guides are all seasoned fly anglers and quality instruction is available at any time during guests’ stay. Our rivers are fertile and pristine and abound with fish, giving learning anglers far better than average opportunities to “get lucky”.

How difficult is the wading?
Labrador’s rivers are rock-strewn, freestone streams and wading these waters can be a challenge for all but the fit angler. We encourage all guests to stay within their own limits, use high-quality wading boots and wading staffs, and only take what the rivers offer. Our guides will float or pull freighter canoes through the rapids to give our guests excellent access to riffles and runs should guests be at all apprehensive about wading the waters.

Why Labrador? Why Three Rivers Lodge?
Labrador is legendary for its incredible, unsullied cold-water fisheries. The brook trout species originated in this area and reaches its maximum potential in these waters. At TRL, a guest will never see another angler on the water, no other boats, no camps, no docks - only your partner, your guide and the next “rattle”. Labrador offers the adventurous angler a true wilderness experience, isolated from the world, fishing streams that are unchanged since the last glaciers melted.
Three Rivers Lodge provides a safe and comfortable opportunity for the keen angler to be immersed in a free-flowing world unscathed by civilization. We love it here. You will too!

Is this the Labrador camps where John Gierach fishes?
Yes indeed. John has fished with us since 2001 and has written of his many Labrador adventures in his books and in his FR&R column.

Pricing & Dates

Date Range

Mid-June through early September

Rate Range

$4,650 to $5,950 USD plus 6.5% HST


Three Rivers Lodge
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge
Robin Reeve, Managing Partner
1470 Burroughs Road
Kirby, VT, USA 05824

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