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Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition in Vida, Oregon

Tight Lines, OR


The Rogue in Southwest Oregon was one of the first eight rivers named to "Wild and Scenic" status in 1968 protecting this incredible resource for years to come. Stopping at historic riverside lodges each of three nights and covering 43 miles the Rogue offers excellent fly fishing for both adult and half-pounder steelhead while accessing every small pocket from a comfortable drift boat.

The expertise and experience of our guides is unmatched averaging nearly 30 years each. Along with casting instruction, you'll learn how to read water, why we use specific flies, what really is a “half pounder” and learn much of the history including that of Native Americans, early pioneers and the Rogue River gold mines. Whether you've fished your whole life or just completed fly fishing 101 you'll feel right at home. We love what we do and love to make friends while doing it!

Rogue River Rates

Date Range

September 1 through November 15.

Our trip start dates are:
September 1-4; 6-9; 11-14; 16-19; 21-24; 26-29;
October 1-4; 6-9; 11-14; 16-19; 21-24; 26-29;
October 31-November 3;
November 5-8; and 10-13.

The Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service are management partners with us in this limited entry area. Our start dates stay the same every year in the event you wish to reserve a date a year in advance.

What is Provided to Customer

We supply all fishing tackle, rods, reels, and flies, however, we invite our guests to bring their very own favorites if they wish. We offer excellent casting instruction for those desiring it. The Rogue is excellent for those who have little or no experience fly casting. You will get three hearty meals a day so we do expect you to gain weight while on your trip!

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

The Rogue River is a pool-and-drop large river, with little access except by boat, which is how we reach all the fishable water. It has fun whitewater—up to class IV—and great accommodations. With our maneuverable, comfortable drift boats, we are able to easily access small pockets of water with no wading or extremely long casting. There is however great wading for those who wish to do so as we get into the lower, much wider stretches of river.

Typical Weather by Season

Because the Rogue River trips run from the beginning of September into November, we experience a wide variety of weather. Early September can be very warm, with daytime highs in the 90's and water temperatures in the low 60s. October water temps cool down, as do the daytime highs which reach into the 80's in early October but may only reach 60 by Octobers end. A little rain should be expected in October but can occur in September also. November is more for the hardy fisherman, as temperatures drop and the weather becomes more variable, but the fishing can be excellent for larger steelhead.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

Our trips on the Rogue are 3½ days, spending 3 nights in different lodges. Most folks fly into Medford, Oregon the day before and spend the night in a riverside lodge. Many of our guests stay at Galice Resort which is right on the banks of the Rogue River. We meet the first morning about 9 am and depart on our journey. The fourth day we get to our final destination at 11 am, which gives everyone a chance to drive back to the Medford airport to fly out or spend the night. We do have the choice to do just a 3-day trip, but the best fishing trip is the longer one. Breakfasts are generally served around 7 to 7:30am so we get a good start. The whole group will stop around 1pm for lunch and then we fish into early evening generally making each lodge by 6 or 7pm.


Lodging, Meals, and Accommodations

We will be in lodges each of three nights. They all provide excellent food such as giant pork chops, Dutch oven biscuits, and green salad. We can accommodate guests with dietary restrictions too, just let us know. Each two guests have their own cabin or room, with bathroom and hot running water. The first couple of nights our electricity is a generator, the last night is real electricity. The lodges we stay in are Black Bar, Marial and Illahe. They are all very comfortable but no cell phone coverage. We carry a satellite phone for emergencies.


Species You Fish for by Season

We will primarily target adult and half-pounder steelhead; we will be swinging flies as well as dead drifting them. Half pounders average 13-16” in length while the adults will be from 16” to 24”. The half-pounders are only found in the Rogue and another river to the south, the Klamath. Usual patterns include the Prince Nymph, Beetle Bug, Green-Butt Skunk, and Woolly Buggers. King salmon will be present in September while Coho salmon reach us in mid October. We occasionally hook adults but fairly often get jacks of either variety which are great fun on flies.


What Should Customers Bring?

We supply a packing list to all guests that includes water bottle, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, sunglasses, raingear, changes of clothes (casual or sport clothes are customary) for September, warmer clothes for October, tennis shoes or sandals, rain boots packed just in case, personal bathroom articles, alcoholic beverages and mix if you wish, a little bug repellant for September, and a hat for shade and rain. Light waders are great for raingear and you can use felt soles in Oregon. If you have metal cleats we ask that you remove them as some of our boats are wood. The gear list we provide will make mention of #6 rods and reels and sinking line types which is very important.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What airport should I fly into?
A. Medford airport is the closest in southwest Oregon. It is best to rent a car for small groups and we can arrange a shuttle service for large groups. It is $100 to have individual cars shuttled to the final destination. Driving time from the takeout back to the Medford airport is about 2½ hours.

Q. Where do we stay the night before our trip?
We will send a list of places to stay with the best ones marked. Many of our guests stay at Galice Resort which is on the banks of the Rogue River.

Q. What other activities are around the area?
Crater Lake National Park is only about 2 hours drive away. Bandon Dunes golf resort is only 11/2 hours drive from our final destination. Southern Oregon has some excellent wineries. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland Oregon runs throughout the fall.

Q. How many other guests will be on our trip?
We are allowed 12 guests maximum which would be 6 drift boats. Many trips have 6 to 10 guests.

Q. Which fly line should I use?
It is very important to have a sink tip line if you plan to swing flies, type 4, 5, or 6 are best. The sink tip length can be 10-20 feet.


Tight Lines
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition
Jeff Helfrich
45632 Goodpasture Road, PO Box 117
Vida, OR 97488

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