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Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition in Vida, Oregon

Tight Lines, OR


Author Zane Grey built a cabin on the Rogue River in the 1920s inspired by his love for steelhead fishing. My grandfather, Prince Helfrich first floated the Rogue in 1932 and began doing commercial trips soon after. Prince realized the beauty and uniqueness of the Rogue Canyon. The fish are built tough to navigate the falls and extreme whitewater they encounter on their way to spawn. This is why in 1968, when congress enacted the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Rogue became protected forever.

There are few rivers that combine thrilling whitewater, excellent fisheries, and gorgeous scenery in combination with being able to stay in a lodge every night. Our guests include folks into their early nineties and kids as young as 10. You must be able to make your way up to the lodge each night and walk a trail around rapids a couple times but most of all you just need the desire to catch fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Our guides are special...first they must know how to safely navigate extreme whitewater! Secondly, the must be courteous and helpful to their guests! They must know how to cook, as we do part of the cooking. Last but not least, they must understand steelhead and what it takes to catch them. Now you understand why your guide is gray-haired! They must be very experienced to work with us on the Rogue River.

The Rogue River Canyon is all limited entry so one must have a permit to put in on this river!


The Rogue River lodges are very unique! On the first night, you'll stay at Black Bar Lodge, located on an old gold mine with remnants of mining equipment still in sight. The lodge cabins were built in the early 70s with logs cut from the nearby forest. Each couple gets a cabin with running water, shower and two beds. We have a separate main dining room and all the guides help cook both breakfast and dinner. Our electricity source is a generator that we turn off each night. The two-inch, bone-in loin chops that we cook are prized by many of our guests as are the Dutch oven bisquits.

On night number two, Marial Lodge, after the lady who ran it as a post office during the gold mining era, will be your home away from home. Today, this lodge runs on a generator also. It has great food and many old pictures of past fishers!

Night three brings you to Illahe Lodge. This is a native American word meaning good earth. Illahe is the last house on the electrical grid, so we have all the comforts of home. It has been a fishing lodge for many years and was rebuilt in the mid 50s after burning to the ground. It has excellent facilities and the best view over the river of all the lodges.

For any folks that require special diets, we will do our best to accommodate them. If the diet is so specific we cannot find the best food we will ask you to bring a few of your favorite items on the trip!



Our season is specifically in the fall, starting September 1st and going into early November.


We will target both adult and immature steelhead. The immature fish range from 13"-18" in length and the adults up to around 26". We catch mostly the immature fish but every trip catch several adults, so we primarily use 6 wt. rods with a good reel and plenty of backing. We will catch a few Coho salmon in October and also some very nice jack chinooks up to 24".


The Rogue is in the Southwest corner of Oregon. It is rugged terrain with the Siskyou Mountains meeting the coast range. The river headwaters in Crater Lake and cuts through the mountains where it flows directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Typical Weather:

Weather can range widely from hot days in early September to cooler days in early October and then cool wet weather in late October and early November.


Rates start from: $1995.00/person
You can find all pricing information at: www.tightlinesfishing.com

What is Provided:

Guests are provided with rods and all tackle, including flies at no extra cost. If you need a special line, we can provide one of ours. You only need to bring your clothes and raingear.

Gear Recommendations:

It is best to bring a good 6 wt. rod and line with sink tip. The speed of the sink tip is very important, type 3,4, and 5 will work. Generally, the sink tip is 10' in length be sure to have a good feel with plenty of backing.

Waders are not needed unless you want them for your rain gear. Some type of rainwear is important! Normal shoes are fine unless the weather looks bad or you come late in October.

What to Bring:

Just bring a couple changes of clothes with shorts and light pants through September, but bring warmer clothes as you get into October. A good coat is essential. Bring your sunscreen, camera, and binoculars if you wish. For early September, bug spray may be needed for mosquitoes.


Most guests fly into Medford, Oregon and stay at a riverside lodge the night before their trip starts. These lodges do have shuttles at a charge. From the airport to the river is only about an hour drive but from take-out back to the river is about 21/2 hour's drive.

Shuttles services charge $120.00 for your vehicle to be shuttled from launch to take out. Other shuttle services will transport you to and from the river and the rates are based on number of guests.

We take a maximum 12 guests on a trip.

To get your fishing license, go online to www.myodfw.com and buy a three day and one day license to cover all four days.

Our trip covers 43 total miles.

Additional Activities:

In this general area is Crater Lake National Park, numerous wineries, Bandon Dunes Golf Course, and the Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon.


Tight Lines
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Expedition
Jeff Helfrich
45632 Goodpasture Road, PO Box 117
Vida, OR 97488

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