ToughChew® Dog's Nest Liner with Comfort Fill/Cedar

For ultimate durability, try this chew-proof replacement liner for dog beds.


This liner for dog beds replaces the original perfectly. Non-woven fabric is fully breathable. High-lofting polyester fill resembles a traditional pillow, is completely silent, and retains its loft. Natural cedar keeps the Nest smelling fresh. The cedar in this replacement liner is not recommended for hunting dogs. It interferes with their ability to scent. USA and Imported.

  • Small round 25" dia.
  • Medium round 34" dia.
  • Large round 41" dia.
  • X-large round 48" dia.
  • Medium rectangle 37" x 24"
  • Large rectangle 43" x 30"
  • X-large rectangle 54" x 35"


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  • Small round $49
  • Medium round (Not Available) $59
  • Large round (Not Available) $79
  • X-large round (Not Available) $89
  • Medium rectangle $45
  • Large rectangle $55
  • X-large rectangle $75
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