Orvis Two-Day Quail School at Pursell Farms

A unique learning experience held at Pursell Farms in Alabama

Orvis Two-Day Quail School at Pursell Farms


Orvis Pursell Farms is thrilled to offer a unique learning opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an upland bird hunter! The Orvis 2-Day Quail School at Pursell Farms is an incredible resource for those who are entirely new to bird hunting, or for those interested in honing their understanding of the quail hunting experience. This course divides the educational focus into two parts: in the first section, aspiring students are introduced to the basics of wingshooting including shotgun selection, safe gun handling, and effective technique as outlined by the Orvis Instinctive Method. From there, students move into the classic pine woods and fields of Orvis Pursell Farms to apply the skills learned on the clays course to actual quail hunts over working gundogs. Professional guides and instructors will be at each student's side every step of the way to provide a safe and enjoyable entry into the wonderful world of quail hunting.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity is offered in a 2-day format broken into two full-day sections. Orvis' elite team of instructors begins by delivering a classroom overview and safety instruction before taking students to the clays course. With shotgun in hand, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of effective wingshooting technique. Clay target presentations are selected to mimic the flush and flight of real gamebirds, specifically bobwhite quail. Students will build confidence and comfort shooting effectively in a controlled environment while seasoned shooting instructors either help students polish existing wingshooting skills or teach fundamentals from the ground up. By the end of the classroom and clays course sessions, students will be ready to transfer new shooting skills to the hunting field.


2 Day Program: Day One

Time Activity & Description
9:00 Arrival at Orvis Shooting Grounds at Pursell Farms Clubhouse - make yourself at home with snack and a cup of coffee or tea
9:15 Instructor Introductions- Our team of instructors will introduce themselves and outline the agenda for the day. At this point we will also conduct student evaluations, establishing what specific experience you are hoping to have, and what skills you hope to gain. This segment is followed by a screening of our wingshooting video and a safety briefing, ensuring confidence that the shooting to come will be both safe and enjoyable
10:00 Students and instructors work in shooting instruction areas – This session will take students through the arc of the Orvis Instinctive Method of Wingshooting. Students will learn proper technique and application of the method as they break clay targets that mimic real-life bird presentations. Repetition, assessment, and practice will build confidence
Noon Lunch at the Orvis Pursell Farms Clubhouse
1:00 Resume shooting in instructional areas with instructors, with focus on different presentations as appropriate
2:30 Break – Following a short break you will move to different stations and explore different presentations
4:00 End of first day

Day Two

Time Activity & Description
9:00 Arrival and warm-up shooting at the wobble trap with instructors – This process will help get the cobwebs off and allow for unanticipated presentations
10:00 Students paired with instructors and field guides then depart to hunting grounds for a 2-hour walk-up quail hunt – In this segment, students enter the beautiful pine woods and fields of Orvis Pursell Farms in the company of an instructor, a professional field guide, and a team of gundogs. The instructor remains at your side as you learn to navigate the cover, efficiently approach the dogs, and take safe and ethical shots on bobwhite quail. All the while the instructor will share feedback and direction, ensuring that your experience is paced and orchestrated according to your needs
Noon Lunch at Orvis Pursell Farms Clubhouse
1:00 Students change instructors, guides and hunting fields for an afternoon 2 hour walk up field hunt
3:00 Program concludes – Students are welcome to learn about bird cleaning/processing, and birds are packaged to take home


January 2021 16-17 Saturday-Sunday
November 2021 27-28 Saturday-Sunday


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