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Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide Service in Webster, New York


Whether you are looking to experience the raw power of King Salmon, Trophy Brown Trout and Steelhead, the beauty of Rainbows and Brook Trout, or Small or Large mouth Bass, Zero Limit Adventures is experienced, qualified, and equipped to put you in a position to do so. We promise to help provide patient guiding and instruction and treat our guests with kindness and respect. We promise, no matter what, to remain positive, not get upset or make excuses. We promise to remember the little details.

With our unique staff of experienced guides, the Zero Limit Team will provide guests with the utmost in service anywhere in Western/Central NY for any target species with fly fishing equipment. Our diverse fleet of boats, including drift boats, bass boats, fishing rafts, and kayaks offer access to water in most conditions and locations. With our staff and resources, we are your choice service for corporate or non-profit business events, family celebrations and outings, offering adventures for up to 25 guests. Whether fishing alone or with a group, we will specifically tailor your fishing experience to your desires. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put your family, friends or clients in front of fish and ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Date Range

New York State is blessed with amazing fishing opportunities all year round. Therefore, we are able to provide quality guided fishing trips throughout the entire year.

Rate Range

Fall Salmon and Steelhead Trips starting at $350 Tug Hill Fishing Club Trips starting at $295 Float/Wade Trips starting at $350
Please visit for more detailed pricing information, or call 585-766-2421.

What is Provided to Customer

Zero Limit Adventures offers guests a tailored fishing trip to meet their desires. We can outfit guests with a complete fish rod outfit as needed. We will make pre-trip ar-rangements to ensure guests have what is necessary for an excellent adventure. Food and drink will be provided as needed and planned for the adventure, keeping your energy up throughout the trip.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

The world famous Salmon River, located in Pulaski, NY sits on the edge of the Tug Hill region. The Salmon River feeds into Lake Ontario and the flow of the river is controlled by two reservoirs. North and South Sandy Creek, as well as other local Lake Ontario tributaries, offer a fishing alternative when crowds overwhelm the Salmon River during the busiest times of the seasons. There is no better place East of the Mississippi that gives anglers the opportunity to catch trophy sized Coho and King Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon.
Yet New York is famous for its diverse waterways. Located just west of the Catskill Park, the Upper Delaware River system offers excellent fishing on its main stem and two branches. With a combined total of over 100 years of fishing experience, Zero Limit Ad-ventures provides guiding services in both of these outstanding areas, but also on the Western NY tributaries, like Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek, the private ponds of the Tug Hill Fishing Club, and the Finger Lakes and surrounding tributaries. Our staff understand the species we fish for, can apply the appropriate tactics in any situation, and provide our guests with a knowledgeable and informative experience, no matter what the age or fish-ing experience of the client.

Typical Weather by Season

New York is famous for going to the extremes in its weather patterns. Due to the predominant Western winds, the winters are cold and snowy and the summers are hot and humid. Autumn is stunning in New York State. Because the Great Lakes warm during the summer, they begin to act as the weather controller during the long beautiful autumn days. Cool breezes, warm temperatures and long days provide some of the most beautiful and enjoyable fishing opportunities throughout the year. If you plan to fish in the winter, (and we do it!) you'll want several layers of warm clothes.


Sample of Typical Trip

Zero Limit Adventures wastes no time during the day! We will put you on the water somewhere between when you want to fish and when we know the fish will be there. Depending on the season and conditions, your trip may consist of wading, driftboating, or rafting a river. Still, your fishing adventure might be better suited to the private water bass ponds. We won’t know exactly until we talk to you. Wherever we are with our guest, we outfit them with the best products on the market and provide real time feedback the whole day. No cutting corners; guests are provided with not only the equipment needed to fish, but also knowledge and instruction as the trip requires. We cater to each request the guests may have for their day on the water and don’t quit until the guests are absolutely satisfied!


Species You Fish for by Season

Spring: Steelhead, Lake Run Rainbow and Brown Trout, Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

Summer: Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Resident Brown Trout, Smallmouth and Large-mouth Bass

Fall: Steelhead, King and Coho Salmon, Lake and Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Run Brown Trout

Winter: Steelhead, Lake Run Brown Trout, Landlocked Atlantic Salmon


What Should Customers Bring?

Must Haves: Waders and cleated shoes (as needed), sunglasses

Recommended: Wading staff, rain jacket, hat

Nice To Have: Camera, chapstick, sunblock


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your service catch and release?
A. Our desire to be stewards of the waters make us practice catch and release only.

Q. What is the ideal fly outfit to fish the Salmon River?
A. Switch rods from 6-8 wt handle most of the fishery.

Q. Are you kid friendly?
A. We love to get kids hooked on fishing! Patient instruction, but mostly fun!

Q. What airports are closest to the fishing?
A. Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo

What are the lodging accommodations available?
A. When fishing the Salmon River Area, Zero Limit Adventures offers all inclusive trips in conjunction with the Orvis-Endorsed Tailwater Lodge.

Zero Limit Adventures recommends the Orvis-Endorsed West Branch when in the Delaware River locale.

Other local accommodations are available for other destinations.

Q. What if I’ve never fly fished before?
A. Not a problem! All of our guides are also qualified instructors who can teach you techniques, ranging from single to two handed casting, while also getting you to hook some fish.

Q. When is your next available booking?
A. Call 585-766-2421 to book your adventure!


Zero Limit Adventures
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide Service
Michael De Rosa
591 Bending Bough Drive,
Webster NY,14580

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