Wingshooting in North America
Find a wingshooting operation that's right for you.
All you need for your dream hunt: our endorsed wingshooting operations are researched, vetted, and selected by experts who bring their vast expertise in wingshooting to choosing the finest operations worldwide on your behalf. Orvis-endorsed wingshooting operations include: lodges, grounds, outfitters, and guides.

Wingshooting Group Trips:
Texas: Hunt the Texas Hill Country  

Wingshooting Lodges:

Colorado: The High Lonesome Ranch Nebraska: Pheasant Bonanza
Georgia: Pine Hill Plantation North Carolina: George Hi Plantation
Georgia: Rio Piedra Plantation Oregon: Highland Hills Ranch
Georgia: Southwind Plantation South Dakota: Flatland Flyways
Georgia: Wynfield Plantation South Dakota: Paul Nelson Farm
Idaho: Flying B Ranch South Dakota: Tumbleweed Lodge
Illinois: Harpole's Heartland Lodge Texas: Big Easy Ranch
Kansas: Flint Oak Lodge Texas: Greystone Castle Sporting Club
Kentucky: Deer Creek Lodge Texas: Joshua Creek Ranch
Louisiana: Grosse Savanne Waterfowl and Wildlife Lodge Utah: Castle Valley Outdoors
Maine: Libby Sporting Camps Virginia: Primland
Mississippi Prairie Wildlife Wyoming: Brush Creek Ranch
Montana: Forrester's Bighorn River Resort  
Montana: Eagle Nest Lodge  
Montana: PRO Outfitters' Sharptail Lodge  

Wingshooting Grounds:

Iowa: Heritage 1865, Upland Bird Hunting Preserve Pennsylvania: Spring Lane Hunt Club, LLC
New York: Sandanona Shooting Grounds Utah: Falcon's Ledge Hunting Grounds in Pleasant Valley
Georgia: Fishing Creek Farms Wisconsin: Milford Hills

Wingshooting Outfitters:

Arizona: Dave Brown Minnesota: Double Gun Bird Hunts - Steve Grossman
Saskatchewan: Dave Brown South Dakota: Double Gun Bird Hunts - Steve Grossman
Michigan: Hawkins Outfitters

Wingshooting Guides:

Arizona: Randy Matis Montana: Tim Linehan
California: Marcus Vitale New York: Rick Watson
Maine: Michael Browning Texas: Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Montana: Chad Hoover Wisconsin: Mark Nissen
Texas: Premier Wingshooting

Orvis-Endorsed Gun Dog Breeders
Dog Breeders
The Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeding Program makes your search for the right bird dog for hunting and companionship as easy as possible.

Dog Breeders

Definitions of Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Operations

Lodges: Each Orvis-endorsed lodge is vetted personally, and on an ongoing basis, by our staff who've traveled and hunted extensively themselves, and have done the work and research for you. Whether you seek ruffed grouse in Maine, or pheasant in South Dakota, you can choose any destination knowing the Orvis brand backs each one.

Grounds: The new Orvis-endorsed Hunting Grounds are shooting and hunting preserves that offer the finest guided bird-shooting experience, but are not lodge and accommodation dependent. These grounds are for the hunter who simply wants a day in the field with access to great coverts, great dogs, and knowledgable and competent guides. Each of these grounds has been inspected by the Orvis staff to ensure the quality of the hunting experience. A variety of offerings from full-day to half-day with lunch and dinner, are available depending on the operation. Most importantly, these operations offer first-class bird shooting encompassing most of the gamebirds in North America from waterfowl to upland.

Guides: Wild birds are not easy to find, but our wingshooting guides specialize in the true wild-bird experience. This is hunting as it was truly meant to be, venturing into untouched habitat and finding birds whose naturally fine-tuned instincts make them remarkably challenging. This is not about numbers of birds, but the experience of spending time with great outdoorsmen, well-trained dogs, in places still untouched by man's heavy hands. This is about finding birds in their natural habitat and experiencing the meaning of fair chase hunting in its purest form, the way it was, the way it should be.

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