Truel Myers is the head fly fishing instructor for the Orvis Company. In addition to teaching the Orvis Fly Fishing School in Manchester, VT, Myers' duties include: instructor development programs, developing training techniques, delevoping new schools in strategic locations throughout the country, and assisting other schools with their class programs (presentations, teaching materials). Truel also develops the Orvis Saltwater Fly Fishing Clinics in the Bahamas and Belize and developed and conduct the Orvis-Certified Bahamas Guide program, in the Bahamas.

Myers has been teaching fly fishing for 25 years (out of 35 years of total experience fly fishing). Myers has taught fly fishing schools for Orvis in several locations, including: Vermont, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Wisconsin, and California.

Myers also has extensive experience in all types of fly fishing, including: trout (all across America); saltwater in the Southeast, the Gulf, the Northeast coast, as well as Belize, the Bahamas and Mexico. Myers is originally from Florida and, still spends most of the winter near Orvis School locations in Florida and Georgia.

When not fly fishing Myers' hobbies include: bird hunting for: quail, grouse, woodcock and snipe. Myers is also an avid runner, going an average of 50 to 60 miles per week.


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