Biscuit's Story

He looks and acts like your average, everyday, happy-go-lucky dog. He loves taking walks with his owners, enjoys romping with the other neighborhood dogs, and relishes long runs on the beach. But life wasn’t always so good for this 8-year-old, rescued Sheltie named Biscuit.

No one knows exactly where Biscuit began his life as a puppy, but the story of his incredible rescue begins in August of 2010. It was then that a nameless, malnourished, and filthy Shetland Sheepdog was found roaming the streets of rural North Carolina. He was missing several teeth, was drastically underweight, and his coat was heavily matted and virtually nonexistent. Were it not for the kindness of a Good Samaritan from Maryland, that little dog would have been left on those lonely streets to die.

He was brought to a Sheltie rescue shelter and, after approximately eight washings; a dog emerged from the grime. The shelter staff named him “Biscuit,” and though he was now clean and safe, his problems were far from over. It was soon discovered that his rear legs were permanently deformed—most likely as a result of spending countless hours cooped up in a small dog crate—and his left eardrum was ruptured. After receiving veterinary care for his ear, and undergoing a neutering procedure, Biscuit was on the long road to recovery.

Katie C. and her husband, Doug, first met Biscuit on a chilly December day in 2010. But the dog they met that day was a far cry from the dog they would come to know and love. Biscuit was hopelessly shy, wary of people, and untrusting – choosing to cower behind tables and chairs rather than risk interaction with humans or other dogs. But as the days passed, he slowly began to emerge from his shell. A trusting friendship began to form between Biscuit, Katie, and Doug, and by January 2011, he was ready to leave the shelter and begin the next chapter of his life with his newly adopted family.

In the relatively short time that Biscuit has been with Katie and Doug, he has transformed into an entirely different dog. Gone is the shy, apprehensive creature that hid in the rescue shelter. In its place is a confident, friendly, and beautiful dog with a zest for living and a sparkle in his eye – a true companion, a best friend. Biscuit’s rescuer and subsequent rehabilitation provided him with a second chance at life and, as is evidenced by the winning Cover Dog photo on the March 2012 Orvis Dog Book, he’s living that life to the fullest.

As happy as Biscuit’s story is, there are, unfortunately, millions of dogs who never get the chance to live happy, healthy lives with loving families. The Foundation’s relentless effort to rescue dogs of all breeds and place them in loving homes is a seemingly dauntless task, but the rewards are immeasurable. Their mission is to ensure that no pet is euthanized for lack of a home, and by tirelessly working to improve the sustainability of shelters across the country, they’re ensuring that more and more homeless dogs’ sad and desperate stories will end as happily as Biscuit’s story.

You can help. As part of our global commitment to protect nature, Orvis has established a goal of $60,000 for this project and will match customer donations dollar for dollar up to $30,000. Every $100 you donate becomes $200 supporting the Foundation. Send your check to Foundation, c/o The Orvis Company, 178 Conservation Way, Sunderland, VT 05250 or donate online.

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