Top 10 Tips for traveling with you dog.

We’ve done the research, we’ve logged the miles. The result? Our Top 10 tips for traveling with your dog. Click below to download, and be sure to check it out every time you and your four-legged copilot are heading out.

  1. Identification, Please

    Snap a picture of your dog with your smartphone before hitting the road; in the event you get separated, you’ll have an up-to-date image. And always snap on a personalized dog collar embroidered with your cell-phone number.

    Collars and Leads
  2. Supper, Snacks & Supplements

    Bring enough food (and a touch more) for the length of your trip – and include special treats, too. And don’t forget the bowls or your dog’s medications. Pack everything in airtight containers, and be sure not to feed your dog immediately before departure.

  3. Water, Water, Water…

    Your dog won’t tell you when he or she’s thirsty, but bring along plenty of water regardless. When traveling in summer, add some ice cubes or freeze your water bottles ahead of time to make their refreshments more refreshing.

  4. Car Protection is Key

    Backseat or cargo area protectors, seatbelt harnesses, or barriers. They all serve a similar purpose: to ensure your dog stays comfortable and safe, mile after mile. They’ll also keep your car’s seats and cargo areas looking great.

    Seat Protectors
  5. Time to Sleep

    You can’t bring along your own bed, but your dog’s bed will fit well into the cargo area of your SUV or wagon. It’s a familiar place for your dog to curl up and get cozy on the road, and at your destination.

    Dog Beds
  6. Time to Play

    Leads, toys, and treats. They’re easy to pack and are a great way to get out and decompress after long days on the road. Pack a new toy they’ve never seen before; dogs love special surprises as much as we do.

    Leads Toys Treats
  7. Safety First

    The road has its share of hazards, and a simple first-aid kit can help address the bumps and scrapes that inevitably come with travel. Lighted collars keep your dog visible after dark, while tick repellent and removers are simple, effective tools that are positively invaluable.

    Saftey Gear
  8. A Home Away from Home

    Our soft-sided crate folds down in seconds and pops up just as fast. It’s a great way to ensure your dog stays safe while on the road, and is ideal if you need to leave them unattended once out of the car and at your destination.

  9. Clean-Up in the Backseat…

    Messes are an inevitable side-effect of travel. But a few key items can make clean-up a snap. Keep some cleaning products on hand for dirty dogs, as well as towels for drying, and disposable bags for when nature calls.

    Traveling Grooming Outdoor Gear
  10. Next Stop: Rest Stop

    Your dog may need more rest stops than you, and that’s a great reason to stop often and stretch your legs, and your dog’s legs. Always keep your dog on a lead in unfamiliar territories and never leave your dog unattended in a parked vehicle.