Estancia Tecka, Argentina

This fly fishing trip in Patagonia offers some of the best trout fishing in Argentina.

Estancia Tecka, Argentina


Tecka is one of the biggest ranches in South America and a major trout stream flows right through the middle of it in splendid isolation. You'll rarely see another person near this river, except for the estancia's gauchos on horseback. This fly fishing lodge is set up with some of the best English-speaking guides in Argentina and they are well outfitted with drift boats to get you to the best pools on the Corcovado River. You can fish for brook trout, rainbows and browns on the Tecka, a long meandering spring creek that has enough unique water to satisfy even the most intense spring creek fisherman. There is some great fishing in late season; March big brook trout run upstream while lake run Rainbows also make their way up at the tail end of April. With over 24,000 acres of land for each angler, you'll often feel as if you're the only one fishing in Patagonia.

Getting There

The closest airport is Esquel, Argentina; flights arrive and depart from on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from Buenos Aires. The only true reliable flight is on Saturday as the airlines often cancel or move people's reservations to Saturday if the planes are not full. The drive is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to the Headquarters from Esquel. You can also travel overland from Chile, and we can arrange transfers from several of our other lodges in Chile and Argentina.

Bariloche, Argentina, is also a gateway for southern Patagonia, and there are daily flights from Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile. It's a about a 5 hour drive to Tecka. Rental cars are very expensive, and we don't recommend them. We can arrange airport transfers to Manso from Bariloche, and then on to Tecka after a stay at Manso.


Estancia Tecka is located in Patagonia, south of the town of Esquel in the province of Chubut. Nestled up against the Andes close to the Chilean border, it would be hard to imagine a more picturesque venue to fish for trout. Surrounded by over 435,000 acres of working sheep ranch, the Corcovado and the Tecka rivers both run through the ranch. With fishing limited to a maximum of 18 anglers spread over two on-site lodges, you'll often feel as if you're the only one fishing that day.

An interesting bit of history about Estancia Tecka happened in the early 1900's, when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had a hideout in this area. In late 1909, they captured and held the owner of Estancia Caridad (now part of Estancia Tecka) for ransom. He escaped 28 days later by chewing through the rawhide straps that held his wooden cage together.

Trip Report from Leigh Perkins, Chairman of the Board

The Orvis Company, March 2006

I first visited Estancia Tecka in 1987 with my wife Romi & Orvis Director Dick Whitney. I understand we were the first fishing guests and our hosts and owners Federico & Adela Ochoa made us very comfortable. The Estancia is huge, over 435,000 acres and most scenic. The large river, Rio Corcovado, about the size of the Yellowstone, runs 45 miles through the Estancia prairie and then into Chile and on to the Pacific. Rio Tecka is a spring creek that originates on the Estancia and runs 35 miles before leaving the property and eventually emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

When we fished in '87 the fishing was good, we caught a few large rainbows in the Corcovado but didn't have drift boats so much of the river was difficult to fish. When we fished the much smaller Tecka, a brushy little spring creek, we caught small brook trout with virtually every cast, but few over 9".

Right after the '87 trip the Ochoas, on my suggestion, brought down Vern Bressler from Jackson, Wyoming. Vern was my good friend and a great fisheries biologist, specializing in spring creeks. Vern made recommendations on habitat improvement for larger trout, shocking and eliminating some of the overabundant dwarf brook trout and introducing brown trout. Later my friends, Georgia & Dave Wells sent the Ochoas drift boats for fishing the Corcovado. Shortly afterwards, the Ochoas brought in George Richards as head guide and fisheries expert.

Well, in March of '06 three friends and myself had a fantastic week of fishing on the Corcovado and Tecka. I began visiting Argentina in '66 and this, my 18th trip, was my best. The weather was the worst I had experienced in the 18 years, but the fishing was the best, quite cold, very windy and a lot of rain. Normally the wind and temperature are mild and the rain is non existent. Mild climate and lack of rain are why I much prefer Argentina to New Zealand.

The first day we fished the Corcovado in a drift boat with a superb young guide speaking perfect English and giving excellent advice without criticism. We had rising fish and caught a number of large rainbows and browns over 20 inches. Our best fish was a 27" rainbow that made four jumps, clearing the water each time.

The Tecka was very good the first day we fished it, catching lots of little brook trout and some larger rainbows and browns. We were told to keep all brook trout for breakfast and release all rainbows & browns. The second day on the Tecka was outstanding. George Richards had re routed several miles of the willow choked Tecka through a large prairie and this new habitat had encouraged the rainbows and browns to take over. We caught more rainbows than brook trout, with rainbows around 18" & 19" and a few browns of the same size. One member of our party, Jim Romig, caught a 19” brook trout on a dry fly. Wow! The Estancia Tecka gets my highest recommendations.


Sample Itinerary

Access is via Esquel. You leave the USA on an evening flight; arriving in Buenos Aires the next morning. You can sometimes connect to a flight to Esquel the same day, but an overnight in Buenos Aires is recommended, and it’s well worth the stopover. “B.A.” is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America, has excellent hotels and restaurants, and a lively cultural scene. The international and domestic airports are in separate locations and the transfer between them can take over an hour depending on traffic. We recommend giving yourself at least 4½ hours between flights so you can make your connections. Orvis Travel will assist with airline information and can make hotel arrangements for Buenos Aires.

Day 1 | Arrive at Estancia Tecka

Your Patagonia fly fishing trip begins at Esquel airport, where a representative from Tecka will pick you up for the 2-hour drive to the Lodge. Flights from Buenos Aires arrive at Esquel in the late afternoon. After settling in, you’ll have the chance to fish until dark today, and then back to the lodge for dinner, drinks, lies, and relaxation.

Days 2 - 7 | Six Full Days of Fly Fishing

After breakfast each morning you will head out to your fishing for the day. With over 45 miles of the Corcovado to choose from, you can fish different water each day. Typically, you will return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before heading back out to the river in the mid-afternoon. You will usually fish until dark and then return to the lodge for supper around 8 or 9 PM. The siesta is shorter and the dinner is served earlier during the shorter days at the beginning and end of the season. At dinner each evening, you will plan out the fishing for the following day. You have the option of fishing either the Rio Corcovado or the Rio Tecka spring creek.

Day 8 | Depart Estancia Tecka

You will have half a day’s fishing today returning to the lodge for lunch. After lunch and a short siesta you will gather your gear together for the drive back to Esquel and your late afternoon flight back to Buenos Aires and connections to the US.


The Fishing

Reserved for fly-fishing only, the Rio Corcovado runs wild and clear across the pampas and through 45 miles of the vast Tecka Ranch. Tecka’s guides lead you to isolated deep pools full of beautiful rainbows, with opportunities to catch large browns and brook trout. Accessed by drift boat, you will fish in some of Patagonia’s most carefully protected and managed waters with nothing but the horizon to obstruct your cast. The Corcovado cuts across territory famous for its beauty before entering Chile as the Rio Palena.

You will also have the opportunity to fish the Tecka, which is a classic spring creek with a low gradient and slowly moving, smooth, clear water. This intimate fishery will have you sight-casting to a large population of rainbow, brown and brook trout. Trout here average 14-16” with many larger fish holding in the prime lies. The fishing in Tecka Spring Creek requires finer tippets and techniques than those required in the Rio Corcovado, but you will find that the Tecka’s trout are more than willing to take a well presented fly. The Tecka has enough unique water that an angler could fish this one river for their entire stay and not fish the same pool twice.


The Fly Fishing Lodge

There are two sister lodges located on Estancia Tecka. Whether you stay at the Estancia Headquarters lodge building or Caridad Lodge you will be equally comfortable and well positioned to take advantage of the vast fishing resources. There’s room for up to 10 anglers at Caridad and 8 at Headquarters, each facility and each room has its own private bathroom. The lodges are newly renovated and the friendly staff will treat you to real Argentine hospitality. Read our Patagonia fly fishing trip reviews to read more about Estancia Tecka.

Pricing & Dates

Pricing & Dates for Estancia Tecka

Season: November 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020
Saturday to Saturday packages
Rates are per person, based on double occupancy

2020 Orvis-Hosted Week:

February 15-22, 2020
Trip Length: 7 nights, 6 days of guided fishing

$5600 per person, double occupancy, shared guide
$6300 per person, single occupancy, shared guide

November 1 - December 23 $5,600 any other option: $950/night
December 23 - January 5 CLOSED  
January 6 - April 30 $5,600 any other option: $950/night
Caridad Lodge (entire season) Annex Rooms - $6,300/week
Red & Green Rooms - $5,600/week
Yellow & Top Floor Rooms - $4,900/week
Single Room supplement* $100 per room, per night
Non-angler (entire season) Half the price of an angler package

*If you are traveling alone you will need to pay the single room supplement and will share a guide with another angler if necessary. If you require a private room and guide you must purchase two fishing packages.

Saturday to Saturday packages are standard. Flights into and out of Esquel are scheduled on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Packages other than Saturday to Saturday are only available if you are booking on short notice, and are charged at the "Any other option" rate above. It is also possible to reach the lodge from San Carlos de Bariloche. Ground transfers from Bariloche are approximately $450 each way. Charter flights from Bariloche to the lodge are approximately $2,000 each way.


All meals and accommodations, 6-days of guided fishing on the Rio Corcovado and the Rio Tecka (2 anglers per guide), fishing licenses, transportation throughout the ranch, transfer to/from Esquel, all alcoholic beverages, laundry service.

Not included:

Air fare and special transfers, fishing gear, guide & staff gratuities.


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Estancia Tecka
Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm (ET)
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800-547-4322 | 802-362-8790

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