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Our aluminum fly-fishing pliers are ready to tackle any task on any water.


Crafted of rugged and super-lightweight T6061 aircraft aluminum stock with cutters made of AUS-8 stainless steel with a grooved pattern for the greatest durability and cutting power without the weight. Cuts Spectra™-based lines, mono, and wire easily, and they're corrosion resistant. The ergonomic grip fits the hand perfectly for a non-slip grip even with wet hands. In your choice of two popular sizes. Both handle the toughest cutting and hook-removing jobs. Ocean-blue pliers are 7½" long with stainless-steel cutters, rounded jaws. Olive freshwater pliers are 5½" long with stainless-steel cutters and needle-nose jaws. Sheath and coil lanyard included with purchase of the pliers. Each comes with replacement cutters, wrench, and screws in the package. Please note that when purchasing the sheath separately, the lanyard is not included.

Freshwater pliers (olive)
Saltwater pliers (ocean blue)


Guide Testimonial

Professional Guide Testimonial for Hydros Aluminum Pliers

I have to give you four stars for your part in development of the Salt Water Pliers I have been trying out. They are incredible. The cutters are the best I have ever used. I have put away my scissors that I normally keep out for trimming fine leader and braided line because I can use the cutters on the pliers. I use these pliers for all my rigging and haven’t found anything that they don’t cut well, including hollow spectra that I use for backing on my big game reels. Spectra wore out one pair of scissors but not those cutters.

Not only the cutters, the pliers portions as well. I quickly grab with precision even the smallest fly out of the mouth of Striped bass and release the fish quickly back to the water. I never lose my grip with those pliers. I love the many holes in the handle to help when I am tightening the knots, just stick the hook in the hole, pull hard and test that knot. It’s great!

The finish is terrific, no rust after months of use, the lanyard is still in perfect condition despite some serious abuse and the holster is great. The belt loop is small, but my belt is small so it didn’t present a problem, besides, you already fixed that!

Great pliers at a great price, can’t top that!

Captain Russ Wilkinson
St. Michaels, MD

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