Josh's Wiggle Hellgrammite

This articulated hellgrammite nymph is sure to fool even the most selective smallmouth and trout.


This smallmouth fly was created for bass fishing the New River and James River, but will work anywhere smallies and hellgrammites are present. The smallies love hellgrammites; however, most hellgrammite flies don't have the correct action. This fly is segmented with a rubber tail for durability. Bass tend to tear off tails made of biots or ostrich herl. Hackle is used for the rear section because hellgrammites have a bunch of small tightly spaced legs in the rear 2/3 of their body. The front legs are rubber because hellgrammites have only a few larger, loosely spaced legs in the front 1/3 of their body. This approach to the hooks gives the obvious differentiation the hellgrammite has between the rear 2/3 and front 1/3 of its body. Used with a dead drift it drives smallies crazy and it has also caught largemouth, red eyes, musky, and trout.
Size 8.
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