Sunrise Anglers, CO

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide Services in the state of Colorado

Sunrise Anglers, CO


Enjoy the wisdom of experts at the Orvis-Endorsed Sunrise Anglers Outfitter when you fly fish in Colorado: Sunrise Anglers combination of blue ribbon permits and a lifetime of fishing those waters create for our clients opportunities to ever improve their game. One of the most overlooked abilities of Sunrise Anglers is the freedom to meet on the water. There is no shop, there is nothing more to buy, it's time to fish.

"We strive to educate on the total spectrum of fly fishing. We are proud that most of our trips involve wild, naturally spawned fish, while realizing there is a time and place for stockers. Our guide staff has changed very little in the years with even some of the staff hailing from the Kinsley Outfitters days. That's 25 years ago. Our guides can go to any water, any time of year, and put you on the fish. Few staffs can say that."



One of the best bonuses of being an angler is that we feel tied to the water. We feel the seasons change and with it we adapt. We start the year lower down on the Colorado river and under the tailwaters. As the rivers wake up, Colorado experiences a short window before runoff shows. Stillwater and tailwater options prevail during runoff. As the waters peak and drop, this is the time of year where the best dry-fly opportunities prevail until the dog days of summer. Strong terrestrial bites take us into fall for our favorite season, fall streamer fishing!


Trout, bass, pike, carp


Colorado has altitude. One of the biggest tips I can give a client is to start hydrating days before they leave on their trip. Rivers vary between easily waded to rock scrambling approaches. Most locations on the Front Range are reached by car within an hour of drive time.

Typical Weather:

  • Winter 20s F
  • Spring 50s
  • Summer 80s
  • Fall 50s

We can experience four seasons in one day.


Rates start from:
You can find all pricing information at:

What is Provided:

We are the definition of an outfitter. We like to say, "Just bring your fishing license." Waders and boots, rods and reels, jackets, hats, sunglasses, lunches, flies, and tippet on our day trips.

Tents, Sleeping Bags, water filters, flashlights, ground pads,,, basically anything within weight on our overnights.

Gear Recommendations:

Each trip is unique. Please call for advice. We like to travel with our own gear as well.

What to Bring:

We take care of everything.


We are proud to offer easier-to-access water. From wheelchair bound floats to drive up walk/wades, these trips are priceless for us as well.


Sunrise Anglers
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide Services
Thomas Schneider

The entire state of Colorado

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