A Peach Tree in an Apple Orchard

Tales of a Southerner's Life in Vermont
By Paul Fersen


Born and bred in Georgia, former NFL tackle, outdoorsman, and gifted storyteller Paul Fersen has a unique perspective on life in rural Vermont, with 28 years of experience exploring this challenging New England landscape. Collected here are the columns Fersen crafted for Stratton magazine over a 15-year period of rapid change in American life. In humorous, engaging prose, Fersen incorporates thoughtful social commentary in essays that address everything from adventures in childrearing and running a dairy farm to being lost on the Information Superhighway. Some of these tales are laugh-out-loud funny, while the rush of recognition in others will catch you by surprise. This is a book perfect for anyone who loves dogs, kids, hunting, fishing, the South, football, farming, or Vermont. Lyons Press, 196 pages, paperback.


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