Tenkara Sato Outfit

This Tenkara fishing outfit includes everything you need to get started.


The ideal package to get started in tenkara. The kit includes the best-selling Sato rod, high-visibility level line, tippet, line holder, and flies. Compact and lightweight, its shorter length it is perfect for tighter streams, and at full length it will be ideal when a bit of extra reach is needed. Triple-Zoom allows you to use the rod at three different lengths: 10'8", 11'10", and 12'9", allowing for verstaility on a wide variety of waters. The innovative Keep Your Plug™ system allows you to remove the plug from the top end of the rod and insert in into the hole at the bottom of the rod, ensuring no more runaway plugs. Enjoy the lightweight, durable, versatile, and precise performance of a tenkara rod. 22¾" closed. Imported.



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