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Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States, returning from a hunting trip near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
Photo appears courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Theodore Roosevelt, visionary of modern conservation, assured that great tracts of US wilderness could forever be appreciated when he set aside more than 280,000,000 acres of national parks, forests, and game preserves.

Inspired by the man and his cause, Orvis presents the Roosevelt Collection, clothing that reflects the spirit of the clothing that was worn by Roosevelt. Every detail of the original clothing was researched to capture the rugged, functional style that was Roosevelt's. Each piece is made of today's best outdoor fabrics, just as buckskin and wool, the best of Roosevelt's era, were used in the originals.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) continues Roosevelt's mission into the 21st century as it seeks to preserve outdoor opportunities for future generations, expand access to land and waters for outdoor enthusiasts, and conserve fish and wildlife habitat. 5% of all sales will go to the TRCP.

To learn how you can help keep Roosevelt's legacy alive, join the TRCP at