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1964 Land Rover IIA 88 Deluxe Station Wagon

The Final Restoration from Legendary Land Rover Restorer Lanny Clark

Beautifully restored mint green 1964 Land Rover IIA 88 Deluxe Station Wagon

Vintage Land Rovers restored by Lanny Clark have become a staple of the Orvis holiday catalog.

This year’s offering is truly bittersweet as it is Lanny’s last. After more than four decades of restoring Land Rovers, Lanny is looking forward to a well-earned retirement. Restored with only 500 break-in miles on the odometer, this 7-passenger station wagon features a more powerful version of the original four-cylinder engine, upgraded, dual-circuit power-assist disc/drum brakes, an overdrive allowing a wider range of gearing, and the unusual option of air-conditioning.

For purchasing information, please call: tel:888-235-9763

Showing the engine of the Land Rover
Photo of Legendary Land Rover Restorer Lanny Clark under the hood.
Showing the back tail lights up close

The original owner of this Model 88 took delivery in 1963 at the Land Rover® factory in Solihull, England. It was subsequently driven around the British Isles and Europe before being shipped to a farm in Maryland. Years of reliable service followed, including a trek across Canada to Alaska, and back, when the vehicle was still new.

Side view of the Land Rover driving off road

“From Heathrow to Circle, Alaska, the first year, followed by exploring beaches and mountains on the East Coast and running around D.C. Hope the next 50 years are just as full.”

—Joe M. & Liz S., Original Owners


• 1964 Land Rover Series IIA Model 88 Deluxe Station Wagon

(88" wheelbase), 90,500 original miles (less than 500 break-in miles)


• Color:

Pastel green


• Engine:

Original 2.25-liter petrol engine with power upgrade; modified for use of unleaded fuel


• Transmission:

4-speed manual with a high/low transfer case for 8 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds; optional overdrive added


• Brakes:

Upgraded power-assist, dual-circuit disc/drum brakes


• Seating:

7 passengers; 3 in front and 4 individual jump seats in the rear


• Safety & Convenience:

Seat belts for all, air conditioning


• Body:

The main body panels are lightweight, corrosion-resistant Birmabright aluminum/magnesium alloy mounted on a heavy-duty boxed steel chassis. The body cappings, windscreen, frame, and bumpers are galvanized steel.


• Roof:

Tropical roof consisting of a white sun-sheet, four overhead roof vents, curved Alpine roof windows


• Usage:

This is a heavy-duty vehicle that can go just about anywhere, tow equipment, be used as a farm tractor, and travel on roads at legal speed limits. (Top speed is approximately 70 mph, though not recommended.)

• Travel History with Original Owners:

Heathrow—Edinburgh—London—Baltimore—D.C.—Provincetown—Cape Breton—Gaspé—Spirit River—Whitehorse—Dawson City—Fairbanks—Circle—Denali—Anchorage—D.C.

• Purchasing information:

Please call: tel:888-235-9763


Up close shot of the Land Rover's interior
Up close shot of the Land Rover grill
An inside view of the back of the Land Rover
Back of the restored Land Rover

For purchasing information, please call: 888-235-9763