Roaring Fork River, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Fly Fishing Map of Roaring Fork River, CO
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Roaring Fork River, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Best fishing has been during the afternoons and evenings.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Roaring Fork River is currently Good

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Capt. Matt Thomas
Sunrise Anglers

Water flow: 100/Aspen, 263cfs/Basalt, 502cfs/Glenwood

Visibility: 24 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 48 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: Mornings.

Best stretch: The entire river is fishing excellent, Glenwood to Aspen.

Best access point: Two Rivers Rd, Catherines, Bonedale, Westbank, Glenwood

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

BWO nymphs, emergers and dries, eggs, midges

Fish species: Trout

Fishing season: Year Round (Prime: June 1 - September 30)

Nearest airport: Aspen-Pitkin County Airport

Roaring Fork River Description

One of Colorado's premiere freestone trout fisheries, the Roaring Fork River's headwaters run down from the top of Independence Pass and flows for seventy miles down through the Roaring Fork Valley! Because of this great length, the river offers a variety of water types for the angler. From tight canyon pocket water in the upper river to the exceptional float fishing stretches of the lower river, there is always ...

Techniques & Tips

Roaring Fork River Report November 4, 2018 UPPER ROARING FORK- ASPEN DOWNSTREAM TO BASALT FLOW: 100 cfs below Maroon Creek (Woody Creek Canyon) WATER CLARITY: Low and clear. Very wadable water. OVERALL RATING: 7 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: BWO adults, cranefly adults, PMD adults, BWO, PMD nymphs, golden stonefly nymphs, caddis adults, emergers and larva, cranefly larva, midges, sculpins THE LOW DOWN: It's fall in the Roaring Fork Valley, and we are loving it! Wanting to find some of the best fall colors? This section is absolutely on fire with color both trees and fish alike. We have now transitioned from larger summer bugs to smaller flies and lighter tippet. Tiny and shiny is typically a good way to go when nymphing. Baetis seems to be the main food source right now, and we are seeing sporadic hatches on the overcast days. When fishing the upper fork especially at these low flows, sight fishing can be key. Also make sure to wear some studded boots or bring a walking staff, because fishing from the middle of the river opens opportunities for multiple drifts and picking off every pocket a trout could hold. HATCHES: BWO's 18-22, Midges 22-24 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS: DRIES: Ethawing Caddis 14-16, Pearl and Elk Caddis 12-18, Peacock Caddis, CDC Sparkledun 16-18, CDC Comparadun BWO 18-22, Roys Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Sprout Midge 20-24, NYMPHS: BLMs 18-20, Tungsten Bead Baetis 20, BTS Baetis 20-22, Sparklewing RS2 20-22, Cat Poop Stone 8-10, Swiss Straw Emerger 16-18, Split Case PMD 16-18, Freestone Emerger 20, BH Polywing Emerger 20, Biot Baetis 20-22, Prince 16-20, Hare's Ear 16-18, Bling Midge 20-22, Kingery's Cap'n Hook 20-22 STREAMERS: Weir's Sculpin 6, Autumn Splendor 6, Zuddler 6, Slumpies 6-8 HINTS: Streamer fishing has been on fire, especially on the overcast days. MIDDLE ROARING FORK- BASALT DOWNSTREAM TO CARBONDALE FLOW: 263 cfs in Basalt WATER CONDITIONS: ?Clear OVERALL RATING: 8 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: BWO adults, midges, stonefly nymphs, caddis larva (cased and free-swimming), cranefly larva, sculpins THE LOW DOWN: Fishing has been pretty darn good around Basalt, primarily nymphing with small baetis nymphs. Seems the deep pools are holding lots of fish so make sure to play around with depth and get those nymphs down! Check out the public accesses around old town Basalt, behind Crown Mountain Park or near Catherine's Store for some terrific fishing. HATCHES: BWOs 18-20, Midges 20-24 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS NYMPHS: BLMs 18-20, Princes 16-20, PTs 16-20, Tung Teasers 16-18 Freestone Emerger 20, BH Polywing Emerger 18-20, Biot Baetis 18-20, Sparklewing RS2 20-22, Tailwater Assassin 20-22, Imposter 20-22, Epoxyback Golden Stone 8-10, San Juan Worm 10 DRIES: Befus Para Emerger 20-22, Collett's Para BWO, Roy Palm's Special Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Tan or Black Elk Hair Caddis 14-18, Flag Dun PMD 16-18, HINTS: 5x and 6x tippet seems to the way to go this time of year. LOWER ROARING FORK- CARBONDALE TO GLENWOOD FLOW: approximately 502 cfs in Glenwood Springs WATER CONDITIONS: With recent rainfall, the lower fork as some color due to the crystal, but should clear in the next few days. OVERALL RATING: ?6 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: BWO adults, midge adults, BWO nymphs, caddis (cased and free swimming) larva, sculpins, cranefly larva, golden stone nymphs THE LOW DOWN: The fishing is starting to heat up on the lower stretch. With colder mornings, no need to rush to the river early, 10 AM seems to be a good start time. BWO's seem to be what the fish are wanting most. Leading with a caddis or PMD nymph would also be a good call. BWO nymphs are the name of the game. Make sure to downsize on tippet, the Fork is low and clear. ***Be mindful of 4 mile creek closures for spawning. Please do not fish within 50 yards up and downstream of the creek! HATCHES: Blue winged olives 18-20, midges 18-22 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS: NYMPHS: Tung PT 18-20, BLMs 18-20, Freestone Emerger 20, RS2s 20-22, Polywing Emerger 18-20, Biot Baetis 18-20, Thread Body Baetis 18-20, Soft Hackle BWO 20-22, Imposters 20-22, Tan Cat Poop 8-10 DRIES: Flag Dun Emerger PMD 16-18, Hackle Dun PMD 16-18, Sparkledun PMD 14-18, CDC Rusty Spinner 14-18, Collett's Parachute BWO 20-22, No Hackle BWO 20-22, Chuck's Variant Ginger Caddis 16-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 14-18, Morgans Midge 18-20, Sprout Midge 18-20, Skittering Zelon Midge 20-22, Griffiths Gnat 20 HINTS: The float fishing has been excellent! Call the shop for our "Fall Floats" special! Upper Roaring Fork: Middle Roaring Fork: Lower Roaring Fork: Get social with us! Find us on Facebook@taylorcreekflyshops, Twitter@tcreekflyshop, Google+@taylorcreekflyshops and Instagram@taylorcreekflyshops

7-Day Forecast

This is the time of year that the Roaring Fork becomes a bit more technical with the low flows.

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