Gulf Coast - Port O'Connor, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Swan Point Landing
Fly Fishing Map of Gulf Coast, TX
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Gulf Coast - Port O'Connor, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
Ease and drift into calm quiet areas SLOWLY, don't push a wake and LOOK for hard targets Rub newly tied crab and seaducer patterns in grass / mud before feeding fish, take off any smell from sun block, head cement, etc...... concentrate as you walk and hunt for that one big fish, check tippet and make sure fly is tracking OK, know its sink rate and the depth of those deceptively deep sand corrugations on beach fronts drag behind you only the fly line that you can cast, to the longest targets. , minimize false casts near these traveling fish especially low sky light with L O N G shadows..... BREATHE and make the first shot on laid up, pothole fish COUNT!!
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Gulf Coast is currently Good

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Fishing conditions: Summer Sightcasting begins around 8 AM to cruising fish, or Blindcast 2-3 foot deep flats early with wtd. large streamers until sun gets up and floating grass becomes an issue, fish slow and erratic..... Scattered big fish showing on edge flats late with large flies and slow sinking lines. go to longer leaders (10' to 12') and fluoro tippets as needed Winter to early Spring is a good time to stick a large trout on island edges, lee shorelines and isolated sand flats

Inshore temperature: 83 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 85 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on: . Go to small easier- to-see flies in 2-4 in white or chartruese until you get refusals then go to muted tan, olive, black and nat. grizzly for picky fish in bright sun. Try small hair bugs or smaller cork bodies for active fish with their backs out of the water later in day Consider larger bead headed flies to get over fish before wind driven boat spooks the fish, Blind casting with large white/ tan/gray sinking streamers early can be productive on flats near dropoffs, before floating grass comes up in the afternoon and late in the afternoon at warmest point of day

Fish species: Redfish, sea trout large redfish

Fishing season: January 1 - December 31 (Prime: March 1 - November 30)

Nearest airport: Houston Hobby, San antonio or BUSH IAH

Gulf Coast, Port O'Connor Description

Located 2 and 1/2 hours southwest of Houston, Tx. The waters in this area are know for the vast variety of fish. The flats that surround POC (Port OConner) are known to hold Speckled Trout and Redfish. The Deeper water in the Bays, West Matagorda and Esprito Santos hold Tarpon, Shark, Jack Cravele, and Spanish and King Mackerel.

Techniques & Tips

.Keep eyes out for big single trout on late AM sand near drop offs and potholes... On low wind conditions, proactively hit potholes from as far away as you can reach, with long leader (>10') to keep belly of line off the potholes.... Use white, ginger, tan , gray baitfish profile flies (-size 4-1/0) of various sink rates to probe potholes and drop offs. Go into sight-casting mode as sun gets up 9;00 to 3:00 and be ready to add 3' of extra fluoro 12# tippet and take some 3 to 4" grizzy seaducers ( a.k.a. Roadkills in #2/4) for picky fish, going with as long a leader as you can get away with on calm days, Get out of boat and walk on windy days with scudding clouds/ sun on lee shorelines White shrimp flies, tan streamers, and small olive crab patterns matching what is hatching over last month...go to dark flies/ black/ olive purple / grizzly on picky fish

7-Day Forecast

NEW Mandatory "kill switch" ON operator's body when boat is moving faster than headway speeds ,mostly sunny and hot early this week windy, w/ S winds to 20 with AM thunderstorm chances early next week.local tides above normal with full moon and steady S winds .Saharan dust may affect sightcasting ops Skiff fishing should improve with less water and SE winds.. look to small.tan and white shrimp patterns for targets and larger seaducers for prospecting pothioles , drop offs and ambush points wet wading on grass flats and edges, clouds hampering sight casting efforts as Summer water brings in jackfish, mackerel, and tarpon at jetty, front beach and bay NOTE: most TX restaurants open for to go orders or 50% capacity dine in, lodging may not be available..Port O' Connor boat ramps open. and as of 5/2 and further south, Goose Island S.P. boat ramp open. St Charles, Cove Harbor N and S, and Conn Brown ramps now open along Hampton's landing and San Patricio County for Aransas Pass ramp access . look for reds on grass flats near drop offs plus Bayoucous I., Grass I., and Whitakers early til sun gets up....reports of good fish in Fishpond and Greens Bayou area along with Seadrift flats ..check waters near and inside Matagorda jetty,for XXL redfish, Best bet for reds and big trout may be from wading, fish mid / late day, fish working on small shrimp and sheepshead minnows...consider Coast Guard flat , Decros, and Green's Bayou shorelines, plus outside of Pringle to Lighthouse cove on SE winds . look at ICWW edges and Dewberry shoreline on light W to NE winds Scattered larger reds on flats edges mid-day to late with warming water Check ICWW edges on late day with low barge traffic... Pass Cavallo opened up deeper on north side..please release large trout ( typically over 22" are female as they got work to do, croaking trout are males and usually under 21"... with 5 trout per day; and only one female trout per angler over 25" / day, now in effect on full Texas coast (finally) NOTE: Aransas National Wildlife Refuge closed to ALL inland boat traffic 8/22/ 17 until further notice with Whooping Cranes in ANWR from October 15 to April 15th 2020.. Most whooping cranes gone for summer ,

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