Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Lower (Below Ashton Reservoir), Idaho Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Three Rivers Ranch
Fly Fishing Map of Henry's Fork of the Snake River, ID
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Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Lower (Below Ashton Reservoir), Idaho Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
The river has lot's of grassy debris this time of year. Check and clean your hooks regularly and cover lots of different water. Fish are holding on the banks as well as in deep structured pockets in the middle.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Henry's Fork of the Snake River is currently Excellent

Orvis-Endorsed guides nearby:
Three Rivers Ranch

Water flow: 1870 cfs

Visibility: 34 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 60 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: All day

Best stretch: Ora Bridge, Vernon Bridge, Chester Dam, Del Rio

Best access point: Ora Bridge (West of Ashton), Vernon Bridge, Chester Dam, or Fun Farm Bridge.

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, PMD, Caddis, Trico, Minnow

Fish species: Trout

Fishing season: Year Round (Prime: May-Oct)

Nearest airport: Idaho Falls Airport (IDA)

Lower Henry's Fork Description

The North Fork of the Snake river, better known as the world famous Henry's Fork is a river of diversity. From a small stream at it's headwaters near the MT/ID border, it quickly becomes a full sized river with the meeting of the millions of gallons of water a day, emerging from Big Springs. Tail water sections, broad flats, isolated canyons, plunging waterfalls and long riffles flowing through farmlands all ...

Techniques & Tips

Fishing from a drift boat is our preferred method of fishing on the lower Henry's Fork. Fishing your hoppers and other flies tight into the bank will usually give you a great shot at success. If a boat is not available to you we suggest fishing tight on the banks as well and if the fish aren't biting there trying to find structure in the deeper sections. If streamers are your thing we are having success in low light conditions and playing around with retrieval speeds and or swinging, just keep the thing in the water as much as possible and a big one may bite your fly! Good luck and FISH ON!

7-Day Forecast

We have had a change in weather and are expecting cooler temperatures and precipitation. Hopper fishing should remain steady but don't be afraid to toss a streamer as well. The lower lighting conditions can help bring some big fish out of hiding during the middle of the day to feed.

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