Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region - St. Regis Canoe Wilderness, New York Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Fly Fishing Map of Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region, NY
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Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region - St. Regis Canoe Wilderness, New York Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
Have an excellent selection of dry flies as the most prolific hatches of invertebrates are happening right now! Trout and salmon season opened April 1st statewide, except where special regulations exist. Northern Pike Opened May 1st. Water temperatures are rapidly on the rise through the day and remaining consistent. Concentrate your fishing near inlets, outlets, in between points and bays, shoals and drops where it is most productive. Bass and panfish are open. Increasing water temperatures and humidity will continue through this week. Water is levels continue to drop. Continue in the practice of safe wading. There are Bold Waders, and there are Old Waders, but there are No Bold Old Waders.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region is currently Hot!

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Fishing conditions: Our lakes and ponds are open. Trout, salmon, panfish bass and pike are feeding aggressively. Lakes and ponds have developed a strong thermocline. Water levels and temperatures are average. Lake and pond productivity continues to increase. Many hatches can be observed on any given day, but mostly in the later evenings and at night. Rain and cooler temperatures have improved the fishing conditions.

Inshore temperature: 76 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 74 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on: Trout and Salmon; burrowing emergent nymphs such as Hexagenia and their mayfly adults, emergent caddis fly pupa and adults, stone flies, and chironomid midges. Dryfly activity will be apparent through observation. Many hatches are occurring at dusk and into the early evening hours. Worms, Hellgramites, Leeches 3-4", Boatman, and Scuds. Northern Pike; 3"-4" perch, brown trout and common minnow patterns such as black nose dace. Bass; salamanders 3-4", and 3" tadpoles, crayfish 2-3" Panfish; small nymphs, smaller emergent pupa, and scuds.

Fish species: Salmon, Trout, Pike, Bass & Panfish

Fishing season: Apr. 1st- Oct. 15th, 1st Sat in May to March 15th, Panfish all Year, Bass Opens 3rd Saturday in June

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Techniques & Tips

The dry fly fishing is excellent as trout are feeding very selectively, focusing on larger emerging insects mostly Hexagenia mayflies at dusk. Have a selection of nymphs, emergers, pupa, and large dry flies in your fly box. Mayflies like Hexagenia, and larger caddis flies, stones and chironomids are hatching on the area's ponds and Lakes. Trout are currently gorging themselves on medium to large emergent flies from 3 to 15 feet in water depth. Find silty and muddy substrates in quiet bays, that transition to deeper drops. A strong thermocline has developed on the areas lake's and ponds. The lakes and ponds are buzzing with aquatic invertebrate life. Dry fly and emergent prospective fishing are the best techniques for selectively feeding trout. Pike fishing is good. Pike are aggressive and hungry. Use weighted perch, and brown trout patterns along with red and white deceivers. Fish along shoals, aquatic beds, sharp drops adjacent to points and channels. Always wear your life jacket. Water temperatures are warm. The thermocline is around 25 feet. Troll a streamer at or below the thermocline for cruising trout and salmon. Bass are aggressive. Find areas of cover and structure where bass tend to hide. Strip a crayfish across or near rocky drops and dead falls. Set the hook and create line tension at the sign of a strike.

7-Day Forecast

Water levels are average for this time of year. The rain has raised water levels and cooled down water temperature. Temperatures are seasonally average. Invertebrate life is prolific throughout the lakes and ponds. The outlook is great, and conditions look good. Have the right equipment including cold weather gear, rain gear, and polarized sunglasses. Black flies, mosquitoes, and no see ums are oppressive. Deer flies and Horse flies are also buzzing around. Have bug protection. Fishing pressure has been increasing. Follow state and local guidelines concerning the corona -19 pandemic. The NYS boat launches are open. This can be a rewarding time to recreate in the outdoors but practice social distancing, and please follow state and local area guidelines.

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