Beaufort/Hilton Head Island - St. Helena & Port Royal Sounds, South Carolina Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Fly Fishing Map of Beaufort/Hilton Head Island, SC
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Beaufort/Hilton Head Island - St. Helena & Port Royal Sounds, South Carolina Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
The water color will vary this time of year as will the lighting so make sure you carry light colored flies for bright clear days and darker patterns on low light or dirtier water conditions.
Fishing Report Last Updated:
9 / 1 / 2015
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Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Beaufort/Hilton Head Island is currently Excellent

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Bay Street Outfitters

Fishing conditions: It is the beginning of the best time of year, low tides fish great, flood tides fish great! Even moderate high tides fish pretty good this time of year too if you know where to look.

Inshore temperature: 83 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 84 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on: mud minnows, mullet, shrimp, crabs, and plenty of other things.

Fish species: Year Round Redfish, Sea Trout, Black Drum Seasonal: Cobia, Ladyfish, Jack, Tarpon

Fishing season: Year Round

Nearest airport: Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC

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Beaufort/Hilton Head Island Description

The surrounding inshore waters of Saint Helena and Port Royal sounds form an estuary that makes up twenty-five percent of America’s east coast marshland waters. This estuary is made up of more than ten saltwater rivers and hundreds of creeks which support mud flats and wading grass flats. While pressure in the area has grown over the years there are still plenty of days that a trip out results in seeing only ...

Techniques & Tips

Fishing the low for schools and singles with crab or baitfish patterns along with using crab patterns up in the grass for tailers will be the best techniques over the next few weeks. Shrimp patterns are also working well!

7-Day Forecast

Low tides through the weekend and afternoon and evening floodtides should make for great fishing. Just watch the radar for pop up storms.

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