Arkansas River, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Fly Fishing Map of Arkansas River, CO
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Arkansas River, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
Through the cold of winter, your prime window during the day will be 10am-2pm. We're past most hatch activity at this point, outside of midges, and a multi-nymph rig will probably your best bet as fish congregate in their winter water.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Arkansas River is currently Just OK

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Breckenridge outfitters

Water flow: Icy at Hayden Meadows, 214 cfs at Granite; 253 cfs at Wellsville

Visibility: 60 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 39 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: 10am-2pm

Best stretch: Sunny areas between Big Bend and Coaldale

Best access point: Big Bend, Salida East, Rincon, Vallie Bridge.

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Midge larva/pupa, stonefly nymphs, caddis larva, baetis nymphs.

Fish species: Brown and Rainbow Trout

Fishing season: Year Round (Prime March 1 - October 31)

Nearest airport: Colorado Springs Airport

Person Fishing in a stream

Arkansas River Description

The Arkansas River traverses about ninety miles between its headwaters above Leadville to the point where it rolls onto the prairie near Canon City. Over that distance, it flows through a high alpine meadow, drops through steep canyons of granite boulders and Ponderosa Pine, and courses through a high desert canyon. In each environment, populations of wild brown trout inhabit a river environment that teems ...

Techniques & Tips

Nymphing is your most productive method, but some anglers will continue to fish a deep dry-dropper combination through the winter with success. Focus on the deeper, slower runs and pools where fish reside throughout the winter, or probe the transitional water near these pools, as fish will sometimes hold in shallow water to warm themselves on sunny days. They will almost always be close to the deeper water, if not in it.

7-Day Forecast

Warmer weather in the short term forecast should give anglers better opportunities on the river this week. Nighttime lows are in the high teens and 20s and daytime highs are in the 30s and 40s. This mild weather should give us a wider window of opportunity to find feeding fish. You may still see a little slush flow in the river early in the morning, but the 10am-2pm timeframe should present a clear river.

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