White River, Vermont Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Woodstock Inn
Fly Fishing Map of White River, VT
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White River, Vermont Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
The White is up to 274 CFS on Monday afternoon after dropping below 183 CFS last week. Find the narrower stretches of the river where flows are improved, it's the water temps that we are closely monitoring for Trout fishing. Currently, we are fishing above the branches where water is cooler and clearer. Check the water temps as they are hitting 70 degrees sooner and sooner in the day. Get out early and target bass by noon. With flows under 400, the river starts to change. Fish the narrow and deep runs, access places you usually can't wade to. Search for the fish, walk a bit and find deep holes. Bass are active and feeding especially when water temps get to 70+. Consider laying off the trout and look for bass (bring your thermometer). If you see trout podded up at the mouth of brooks, please do not cast to them as they are gasping for oxygen to stay alive. Hooking one could stress them enough to kill them. Reports of fish being caught down deep from Stockbridge to West Hartford. Rising fish right before dark have been seen in the deeper pools. Stoneflies seem to be the ticket. Buggers of all colors especially olive and black, bigger the better. Try Pat's Rubber Legs. Reports of rising fish to Royal Stimulators (Size 8) and Yellow Stimulators (Size 10-12). Try fishing these attractor patterns wet... To beat the heat, check out the brooks. Reports of good fishing in lower Stoney Brook with Caddis and stoneflies hatching. Locust Creek is now open for fishing! Check the temps here, they can get over 70 in the afternoon. The White has been stocked from Stockbridge to Hartford with Rainbows. The First Branch in Chelsea and Tunbridge has been stocked as has the 3rd Branch with Brown Trout. Reports of some Brown Trout feeding on streamers, Stonefly nymphs and Pat's Rubber Legs. Cast to the banks and around slower water and structure. Water temps are between 61-63 degrees. Water Temps below 55: Streamers down deep with nymphs. Bigger flies tend to do well on the White. When water temps are above 55: Tan caddis, BWO's and caddis/BWO emergers have been productive. Prince Nymphs and Copper Johns behind olive Wooly Buggers. Stoneflies and Isonychia shells continue to be on the rocks. When the water warms up, there can be some dry fly action on stimulators, caddis and hooper-dropper rigs! Stimulators, Royal Stimulator and Parachute flies (Adams). Dropping an emerger (klinkhammer) behind a bigger dry or floaty terrestrial has been effective. Check out the tribs like the First, Second and Third Branches.
Fishing Report Last Updated:
7 / 13 / 2020
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing White River is currently Good

Orvis-Endorsed guides nearby:

Water flow:

Visibility: 42 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 78 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish:

Best stretch: Upper: Rochester, Stockbridge. Lower: Royalton to West Hartford.

Best access point: Bethel Bridge, South Royalton Bridge, Broad Brook Access, West Hartford Bridge

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Fish species: Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout, Bass

Fishing season: April 13 to Oct. 30 (See Year Round Season Special Regulations)

Nearest airport: Rutland Regional, Lebanon, NH, Burlington, VT, Boston, MA

Techniques & Tips

Swing, Swing! Swinging wet flies, nymphs, streamers, Stoneflies has been the best strategy. Anything that resembles a Stonefly. Don't count out the dry flies especially in the evening. Dry-Droppers and Hopper-Dropper has been getting some surface action! Seeing some Stoneflies, BWO's, Caddis and Mayflies especially in the evenings. Deep nymphing these deep holes and runs with and without indicators have been effective.

7-Day Forecast

Get out early in the morning, like 6AM or earlier to target trout but bring your thermometer and keep looking at the water temp. Cooler days and nights earlier in the week. Highs of 76 and lows of 59 Tuesday and Wednesday with rain all day Tuesday at 50-60% in Woodstock. The rest of the week is clear of rain with highs picking up in the high 80's for the weekend.

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