Hunting Sweaters & Layering Clothing


Hunting Sweaters & Layers

Protect yourself from foul weather with our collection of quality hunting layers and sweaters. Our popular windproof and water-repelling Fowl-Weather Lined Sweater features a lined body and fleece-lined collar for maximum comfort and protection. No matter how harsh the elements, our waterproof and breathable pullover Barbour sweaters will keep you dry and warm in the field. Crafted from the finest wool yarns, our Archive sweater features quilted Amaretta shoulder and elbow patches. Our under-wader fleece bibs are essential for cold-weather waterfowl hunts. Featuring T400 fleece, these bibs provide exceptional insulation, breathability, and wicking. Cold wind is no match against our Sandanona Windblock Fleece. No matter how inclement the weather, our hunting sweaters and layers are designed to keep you comfortable, warm, and protected.