Men's Wrinkle-Free Shirts


Men’s Wrinkle Free Shirts

Our men’s wrinkle-free shirts make it easy to keep your look crisp, whether you’re travelling around the world or lounging around the house. A piece from this collection is the globetrotter’s best friend, offering freshly-pressed looks even after a transcontinental flight, whether you were wearing it on board or had it stashed in your luggage. These are not your ordinary wrinkle-free shirts. They go through a special treatment process that fortifies them against wrinkles, so you never have to go hunting for an iron the moment you arrive at your destination. Instead, just remove your wrinkle-free shirt from your bag, give it a quick shake, and you’re ready to get on your way in smooth style. Here at Orvis, we believe you should never have to sacrifice good looks or comfort for performance. That’s why we crafted all of our men’s wrinkle-free shirts from pure cotton, which retains its natural soft hand even after it’s been treated to prevent wrinkles. While other processes leave fabric stiff, ours results in a garment so naturally pliant and comfortable, you might want to wear it every day. That’s the difference between our wrinkle-free shirts for men and others: while they created a product that offers wrinkle resistance, we created a line that offers everyday comfort and good looks that resist wrinkles to boot. They’re so fine, you might make them the only pieces you wear from now on, and do away with ironing altogether.