Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

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The Benefits of an Orvis Dog Bed

You know the benefits of a great night’s sleep; your dog deserves the same. A dog bed is as essential to your dog’s well-being as a proper diet and exercise.

An Orvis dog bed:

  • Offers a private space and a comforting sense of security
  • Provides insulation from hard floors
  • Cushions and supports joints and bones
  • Controls the spread of hair, dirt, and dander
  • Looks great in any home
  • Is home-machine washable and 100% guaranteed

Bed Styles

Comfort, support, and a reassuring sense of security. Whether you have a puppy, adult, or senior, we have a bed that will fit your dog, and your home, perfectly.

Fill Types: Cushioning and Support

It’s what’s inside that counts. From responsive, joint-friendly foams to plush, eco-friendly comfort, our range of fills are designed to improve sleep and recovery so your dog can rest easy.

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The most comfortable, most supportive, most responsive cushioning available. Perforated foam with two-way channels encourages airflow and promises thermoregulating ventilation. Plush-at-first-touch Serene Foam™ conforms to your dog's shape, while a solid-foam base reduces pressure points, improves circulation, and provides all-day support. We designed this cushioning to respond to your dog's body temperature for personalized comfort.

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Our exclusive open-cell memory foam is engineered for canine body shapes and a dog's weight distribution. The single-slab foam (we do not use the chopped foam found in many dog beds on the market) supports joints and muscles, minimizes pressure points, and improves circulation. Our memory foam beds are built to support your dog from their puppy days through their senior years.

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Our plush, premium fill is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and has earned the highest rating possible, the OEKO-TEX® class 1 certification, which verifies that it's safe for human babies, so you know you're doing your best for your four-legged family members! ComfortFill-Eco™ stays fluffy and evenly dispersed thanks to the chambered liner that prevents it from shifting or clumping no matter how much your dog moves around.

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Hardworking Covers

We design our dog bed covers for maximum durability, maximum comfort, and incredibly easy care (simply unzip to remove and toss it into your home washing machine!).

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