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After years of fishing the fabled Baja, Mexico coastline, Jeff deBrown decided to start The Reel Baja and do it right. Jeff has dedicated his life and career to fly fishing as a guide and outfitter. Over 20 years in the field has led Jeff to Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Chile, Argentina, and finally Baja, Mexico. Working in shops, managing outfitting companies, and earning his Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) certification as a Casting Instructor. All this has taught Jeff the importance of excellent customer service and support, whether introducing newcomers to the sport or helping a veteran defeat some nasty casting habits.

Date Range

The Reel Baja operates year-round.

What is Provided to Customer

If you do not have the rods, reels, or lines in your arsenal, no worries! We can provide you with professional-quality equipment during your stay with us at no charge simply contact us ahead of time and let us know so that we may reserve the right equipment for your stay.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

Beach Fly-Fishing Trips:
One of the most unique and spectacular aspects of fly fishing the East Cape area is the miles and miles of accessible shore access. The Reel Baja offers daily guided beach trips with vehicle transportation to travel the beach in search of roosterfish, jack crevalle, pompano, ladyfish, and other targeted inshore species.

Inshore Fly-Fishing Trips:
Inshore pursuits are performed from fast and agile pangas or cruisers that are able to cruise in shallow depths. Fishing inshore typically keys in on jack crevalle, roosterfish, pargo, sierra mackerel, and other exotic species depending on the time of year.

Offshore Fly-Fishing Trips:
Offshore pursuits include big-game fish such as yellowfin tuna, bonita, dorado, and billfish.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

See The Reel Baja site.


Species You Fish for by Season

Prime Seasons Below:

- Striped marlin: March - July
- Blue/Black marlin: July - November
- Sailfish: July - November
- Dorado: March - November
- Yellowfin tuna: May - November
- Wahoo: August - November
- Roosterfish: April - September
- Sierra: January - April and November- December
- Pargo/cabrilla: March - May
- Amberjack/yellowtail: January - May and November - December


What Should Customers Bring?

If you do not have the rods, reels, or lines in your arsenal, no worries! We can provide you with professional-quality equipment during your stay with us at no charge simply contact us ahead of time and let us know so that we may reserve the right equipment for your stay. If you do have your own equipment please see recommended list.

Fly Rods:
All rods should be 9-foot and designed for saltwater.

6-wt. - For very small beach and inshore species and is not used often.

8- or 9-wt. - Beach, inshore, and boat casting for medium-sized species up to 20 pounds.

10 wt. - Inshore and offshore casting to larger dorado, jack crevalle, bonita, and football-size tuna.

12 wt. - Offshore casting and troll/teasing for larger bull dorado and billfish species.

Fly Reels:
Fly reels should be matched to rods in weight and line capacity. Reels need to be saltwater quality with high-performance drag features. All reels should have a minimum of 250 yards of 20- or 30-pound backing.

Fly Lines:
Shooting head lines are utilized a majority of the time in our fly-fishing pursuits. Integrated shooting head lines seamlessly mated to neutrally buoyant running lines cast and fish the best. Consult your local fly shop in matching shooting head lines to your rods for the best result. One reel or spool with a floating line is a good thing to bring as well. When the dorado bite is really hot, it is spine tingling to cast a popper on a floating line to boiling dorado.

Choosing flies for any trip is half the fun of the journey. Baja, Mexico saltwater fish are not extremely different from similar species around the globe. The standard tried-and-true baitfish fly patterns work well such as: large Clousers, Deceivers, ALFs and others. There are East Cape patterns and variations that have been developed for fly fishing the area. Flies should range from size 4 for beach fishing up to 4/0 for offshore fishing. Call or contact us by email prior to the trip and we will provide a recent update of successful patterns, colors and sizes.

Other items:
Fly-fishing accessories
Stripping basket
Waist or chest pack for beach fishing
Hook sharpener
Fishing pliers
Leader material
Extra fly lines-two of the most common sizes
Leader material-12-lb, 16-lb, 20-lb, 30-lb, 40-lb and 100-lb.
Smaller sizes in fluorocarbon
Sunscreen-30 or 45 spf
Camera-extra batteries, film or digital storage cards
Stretch wrap medical tape for fingers
Fly-fishing clothing
Technical fishing shirts-longsleeve and breathable
Shorts-comfortable with pockets and fast drying
Windbreaker or waterproof shell
Pullover sweatshirt or fleece shell
Rain pants or fleece pants-early boat rides on cool mornings
Personal items
Dramamine or Scopalamine patch
Personal medications


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of documentation do I need to enter Mexico?
A. A valid US/Canadian passport. Non-US/Canadian citizens will need to obtain a visa from the Mexican consulate nearest them. Minor children under the age of 18 will need notarized written permission from the other parent when traveling with one parent, or from both parents when traveling without either parent.

Q. Which airport should I fly in to?
A. The airport to fly into is San Jose del Cabo (SJD). We are approximately 40 minutes north of the airport.

Q. What time do I have to arrive at the airport?
A. Most airlines require check-in at least 2 hours before flight time for international flights. We also suggest you re-check your departure time with the carrier at least 72 hours prior to leaving.

Q. How much baggage can I check in?
A. Most airlines will allow each passenger to check in two bags per passenger with each bag weighing a maximum of 50 pounds plus a carry on. How do I get from the airport to Rancho Leonero? Taxis are readily available at the airport. Rental cars are also available.

Q. What should I pack?
A. Almost everywhere in Mexico the atmosphere and dress is casual with t-shirts and shorts being the uniform of the day. For evening attire to a local restaurant, tropical shirt, shorts, or pants and tennis shoes for men and a blouse and shorts or sundress and sandals for women is fine. We suggest you bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, swimsuits, camera, film, toiletries, prescription medication, snack foods, etc.

Q. What’s the temperature like in Baja, Mexico?
A. Here’s a general guideline for the weather during the year – Winter: 60s in the mornings to 70s during the day; spring: 60s in the mornings to 80s during the day; summer: 70s in the mornings to 100s during the day; fall: 70s in the mornings to 90s during the day.

Q. Can I drink the water?
A. Rancho Leonero’s natural well produces excellent drinking water and is piped throughout the resort making the drinking water safe.

Q. What types of entertainment are available?
A. The East Cape’s pristine beauty and isolation are one of the main reasons why we are like “old Mexico”. There are several restaurants catering to tourists in the area, offering a wide range of cuisine comparable to any of the world’s fine resort areas, but no nightclubs or other nighttime entertainment. Nighttime excursions to Cabo San Lucas or La Paz can be arranged at the front desk.

Q. Can I use my credit card or write personal checks?
A. Personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted by the Reel Baja. Please remember to bring sufficient cash for any incidentals not included in the all-inclusive package.

Q. What is the exchange rate and can I use US Dollars?
A. Currently the exchange rate is about 11 Pesos per 1 US Dollar. The exchange rate varies. Most all businesses in the Los Cabos area will accept US Dollars (generally at a slightly reduced exchange rate). The resort accepts US Dollars and Mexican Pesos. Please note we cannot accept Canadian Dollars.

Q. Can I phone home from Mexico?
A. Yes, most tourist areas have phones for calling the USA (most are credit card or collect calls only). Please keep in mind that these phones are very expensive ($5 to $8 per minute). The front desk at Leonero has a phone available for guests – calls to the USA can be made for about $2 per minute.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 5.0 / 5 based on 4 reviews


4 of 4 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Awesome Trip - 4/16/2015
    By: from Nashville, TN, USA

    AMAZING!! Spent a few days with Jeff in La Ribera, Baja, Mexico and csn't wait to go back. We didn't get a hookup on a rooster due to weather and water conditions but I would rate our experience 10 out of 10. Jeff is fantastic guy and guide and put us on other species to fill the rooster void.

  • 5/5

    Reel Baja - 3/17/2015
    By: from Mid-Michigan

    I fished with Jeff DeBrown and Reel Baja out of Cabo San Lucas the 11th and 12th of March. Jeff and his crew (Roberto) are great at what they do. They know the water, the fish and the techniques. Fishing on the 11th was great with a couple of Jack Crevalle, Sierra and a nice Rooster to the boat on the fly. The day was topped off with the sighting of two Gray whales. Fishing on the 12th was tougher with heavier winds and swells. Only caught one Sierra but had chances at a number of fish. Overall, I can't say enough good things about Reel Baja. I had a great time and a trip of a lifetime!

  • 5/5

    Fabulous Time In Baja - 3/16/2014
    By: from Denver, CO, USA

    I spent a few days with Jeff de Brown of Reel Baja and had a fabulous time chasing rooster fish, dorado, and others in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific off the East Cape of Baja California, Mexico. Jeff is an outstanding guide, one of the best anywhere, who not only knows the fish and how to catch them on the fly but can help with the details of your trip, gear, hotel, restaurants, and things to do when you (or your spouse or friend) are not on the water. Can't wait to get back.

  • 5/5

    Roosterfish - 6/13/2012
    By: from Los Barriles, Baja

    Although we did not hook or land a roosterfish, we did have a few good opportunitites. The main point of submitting this review is to comment on the terrific guide we had, Justin Crump.

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