Stonefly nymphs are one of the best subsurface attractor fly patterns of all time. Our selection of stonefly nymphs includes a variety of nymphs designed for locating big trout in fast riffles and deep pools. Available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, these stonefly patterns cover all types of stonefly nymphs. Choose from trusted patterns like the Prince Nymph, Twenty Incher and Rubber Legged Stonefly patterns that catch fish in all water types. The Tunghead Stonefly nymphs are an excellent for effectively fishing deeper feeding zones. The Double Bead Head stonefly patterns get to the bottom quickly and are perfect prospecting nymphs. Our smaller stonefly nymphs are excellent for fishing dry dropper techniques in the summer when smaller stonefly nymphs are present. Our selection of stonefly nymphs has you covered in all seasons.