Lampe, Missouri 2-Day Fly Fishing School

The hands-on approach at our Missouri fly fishing school will have you up to speed in a flash.

Lampe, Missouri 2-Day Fly Fishing School


As you stand in the 10,000 acre Dogwood Canyon Nature Park with the Ozarks rising against the background and The Little Indian and Dogwood Creeks flowing through the foreground, it becomes immediately clear that you are in an ideal location to learn the art of fly fishing. Our Missouri fly fishing school's professional instructors cover everything from setting up your fly rod, to fly selection and knots, to how to safely release your catch.

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You'll cover it all at the Lampe, Missouri Fly Fishing School:

  • Fly casting techniques
  • Essential knots
  • How to choose your gear and tackle
  • Stream entomolgy (the science of insects)
  • Proper fly selection
  • How to read water and currents
  • How to play, land, and safely release fish

For more information about an Orvis Fly Fishing School, call 866-531-6213.


Fly-Fishing School Class Program
Lampe, Missouri

Time Activity & Description
8:00 am Students meet at Dogwood Canyon Orvis Pro Shop; transport to Trapper's Cabin.
9:00 Introduction and discussion of school program.
9:15 Classroom presentation - lines, rods, and reels.
10:30 Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part One: Basic casting stroke.
10:45 The casting pool - Demonstration of basic casting stroke, followed by students casting.
12:00pm Lunch at Trapper's Cabin.
12:45 Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part Two: Shooting line, false casting, and roll cast.
1:00 The casting pool - Demonstration of shooting line, false casting, and the roll cast, followed by student's practice and videotaping of students casting.
2:30 Classroom presentation - Fly vests, chest packs and accessories. Wading equipment and wading safety.
3:15 Classroom presentation - Leader, tippet, weights, strike indicators and knot tying, followed by students knot tying.
4:30 End of first day.

Time Activity & Description
8:00 am Students meet at Dogwood Canyon Orvis Pro Shop; transport to Trapper's Cabin.
9:00 Classroom presentation: Entomology, fly selection, and how to choose flies. Tips on handling, photographing, and releasing fish.
10:15 Classroom presentation: Video analysis.
10:45 Video presentation: The Orvis Progressive Fly-Casting Method Part Three: Video on the single haul and double haul.
11:00 The casting pool—Demonstration of proper hook setting, sidearm casting, and fish fighting techniques. Students practice casting, single- and double-hauling.
12:00 pm Lunch at the Trapper's Cabin.
12:45 Dogwood Creek trip - Discussion on reading water. Demonstration on fishing flies in moving water. Students fishing.
3:45 Classroom presentation - Fly fishing opportunities around the world, Orvis-endorsed fishing vacations, lodges, and guide programs. Closing statement and issue of certificates.
4:30 End of school.


Orvis Fly-Fishing School - Lampe, Missouri
2015 School Dates

April 2015 2-3 Thursday-Friday
  4-5 Saturday-Sunday
  13-14 Monday-Tuesday
  25-26 Saturday-Sunday
  27-28 Monday-Tuesday
May 2015 2-3 Saturday-Sunday
  7-8 Thursday-Friday
  11-12 Monday-Tuesday
  16-17 Saturday-Sunday
  23-24 Saturday-Sunday
  25-26 Monday-Tuesday
June 2015 1-2 Monday-Tuesday
  6-7 Saturday-Sunday
  15-16 Monday-Tuesday
  20-21 Saturday-Sunday
  27-28 Saturday-Sunday
July 2015 4-5 Saturday-Sunday
  13-14 Monday-Tuesday
  18-19 Saturday-Sunday
  25-26 Saturday-Sunday
August 2015 1-2 Saturday-Sunday
  10-11 Monday-Tuesday
  15-16 Saturday-Sunday
  29-30 Saturday-Sunday
September 2015 5-6 Saturday-Sunday
  7-8 Monday-Tuesday
  19-20 Saturday-Sunday
  21-22 Monday-Tuesday
  26-27 Saturday-Sunday
October 2015 1-2 Thursday-Friday
  3-4 Saturday-Sunday
  12-13 Monday-Tuesday
  17-18 Saturday-Sunday
  24-25 Saturday-Sunday


Lodging & Reservation Information
Lampe, Missouri

Please contact the Big Cedar Lodge for lodging and reservations:

Big Cedar Lodge
612 Devil’s Pool Road
Ridgedale, MO 65739

Please mention you will be attending the Orvis Fly Fishing School.


Area Activities - Lampe, Missouri
Big Cedar Canyon

Horseback and pony rides
Canoe and paddle boats
Swimming pools
Fitness center
Campfire wagon tours and carriage rides
Boat and personal watercraft rentals
Garden Tours
Jogging, walking, hiking, and nature trail
Miniature golf

Other Activities in the Area

Branson: The Mid-West Country Music Center
Silver Dollar City
Branson Landing
Table Rock Lake


Orvis Fly Fishing Schools
Frequently Asked Questions

Question -
Where do we meet?

Answer - At the Dogwood Canyon Store.

Question: When does the school start and end? What will we be doing during the day? How long will we be fishing?

Answer - Refer to the school itinerary for the schedule.

Question: What is included in the price of the school?

Answer - Use of Orvis fly rods/reels, leaders, flies, and where necessary waders, vests and fishing licenses.

Question: Is lodging included?

Answer - No. Lodging arrangements are made separately by the students.

Question: Are meals included?

Answer - Lunch is the only meal included in the school tuition price.

Question: Where can I stay?

Answer - At the hosts’ lodging, or nearby lodging of your choice.

Question: How many people will be in the class?

Answer - That depends on the school. The range is 12 to 36 students, always with a ratio of one instructor for every four students.

Question: Do we stop the school because of weather?

Answer - No.

Question: How much time is spent in the classroom vs. casting and fishing?

Answer - See school itinerary on specific school page.

Question: Can you bring your own equipment?

Answer - Yes.

Question: Is this class for intermediate anglers?

Answer - Yes. In casting, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: How old do my children have to be to join me in this fishing school?

Answer - At the Santa Rosa Beach School, youngsters should be at least 14 years old (because of the heavier tackle used). All other schools we recommend 12 years of age.

Question: What is the cancellation policy?

Answer - Should you need to cancel the school within 30 days prior to the starting date, we will issue a gift certificate in the amount of the cancelled school. That gift certificate may be used toward another school date of your choice.

Question: What other recreation is available near the school?

Answer - See information on specific school page.

Question: Will I be able to attend the same class as my son/wife/etc, even though I am an intermediate and they are a beginner?

Answer - Yes. In casting, we adjust our instruction to the individual student’s level.

Question: Are there opportunities for guided fishing afterwards?

Answer - Yes. See information on specific school page, school itinerary or inquire directly to your fly fishing school instructor.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 5.0 / 5 based on 19 reviews


19 of 19 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    great location for a fly fishing school - 8/7/2014
    By: from Little rock, AR

    I took the two day school at Dogwood canyon park, this is an incredible place to visit with creeks, waterfalls and plenty of wildlife. The instructor, Neal, was excellent as well. He did a great job explaining everything and his demonstrations at the casting pond were right on. The equipment demos were good, and while they used Orvis items I didn't feel like their brand in particular was being pushed. My first thought was that the school was a bit pricey, but after two days of instruction on every aspect of fly fishing I left feeling I got my money's worth. When the class was completed we fished in the park's creeks and I caught 3 nice trout. So the weekend was a great success for me. Southern Missouri is beautiful and Dogwood Canyon especially so. I can recommend this highly.

  • 5/5

    Wish I'd done it years ago... - 6/18/2014
    By: from Lampe, MO

    I've been a fisherman all my life, but never tried fly fishing until I took this class. It exceeded every expectation I had! Neal is a fantastic instructor and the content of the class was extremely informative and just what I needed to know. Was able to catch three nice fish on the 2nd afternoon! I recommend without reservation!

  • 5/5

    Unbeatable fly fishing experience - 6/14/2014
    By: from Lampe MO

    Neal is an excellent instructor who is knowledgeable & patient beyond belief who has the ultimate natural setting to teach the novice the art & science of fly fishing. I can not say enough about the Dogwood Park. I have already returned one time after my class to have Neal critique & improve my technique. I plan on having periodic sessions with Neal to continue to improve skills. I recommend Neal without reservationl for young & older who desire a fabulous introduction to fly fishing without reservation.

  • 5/5

    First Time Fly Fishing - 4/15/2014
    By: from Arkansas

    What a great adventure! I had some experience fishing with family and friends but have always wanted to try fly fishing. I found the Orvis school at Dogwood Canyon online. Neal Splitter was a terrific instructor, very patient. He even made sure that I learned how to handle my first ever fly-caught rainbow trout. He made it easy to understand and very enjoyable...felt like spending time with my favorite uncle. Beautiful surroundings, lovely cabin for a training room, and fishing right out the front door. I'll be back this summer for more fly fishing!

  • 5/5

    Great Day - 4/4/2014
    By: from Fort Smith, AR

    I attended the Orvis Fly Fishing School under a fabulous and extremely knowledgeable instructor, Mr. Neal Splitter in 2013. I was able to have Neal give me a half day guided trout fishing experience I shall not soon forget. Such a gentleman and a very patient professional.........we landed probably 20 to 25 Trout that afternoon! Great Day Fishing........

  • 5/5

    Best way to learn. - 7/13/2013
    By: from Lampe, Mo

    I had tried to teach myself how to fly fish and in the process had learned all the bad habits that I could learn. By placing myself in the capable hands of Neil, he in just two days corrected many of the bad habits I had taught myself. I am looking forward to many happy days on trout streams and rivers anywhere you can get a fly in the water. Thanks Orvis!

  • 5/5

    Exactly What I Needed! - 9/26/2012
    By: from Lampe, MO

    Just finished the two day school with Orvis instructor Neal Spittler and can´t say enough about his professionalism and patience. He fine tuned my casting and gave me the basic introduction to trout fishing that I was looking for. Even let me try out several Orvis rods and reels until I found the one that was exactly what I was looking for. I promptly bought it and used it the next day at Lake Taneycomo. Also can´t even begin to describe the beauty of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and the joy of catching some nice rainbows on dry flies and streamers. VERY HAPPY!!!

  • 5/5

    I can now cast! - 11/14/2011

    "I thought I knew how to fly fish until I spent a little time with Keith Oxby, an Orvis instructor at Dogwood Canyon. He showed me how to properly cast, how my gear should work, the reasons behind matching line sizes, the differences in gear, how to tie essential knots, how to present a fly, and in reality, how to fly fish. A few hours with a good casting instructor can change something that is just "OK" into something that can become a passion. After only a couple of hours, I realized he is a great teacher who loves to teach fly-fishing, and especially proper casting. I was counting on golf to carry me into old age, but now I can add fly fishing."

  • 5/5

    Money well spent - 9/8/2011
    By: from Coweta, Oklahoma

    From someone who had never ventured into Fly Fishing this was a maximized chance to learn first hand from an excellent instructor. The Dogwood Canyon nature park was more than I had expected for placement of a school. Perfect environ!!! A well organized and timed presentation of the learning material giving me the feeling I can walk to a stream and enjoy a day Fly Fishing. Something I thought too complicated was now within my grasp!!!

  • 5/5

    Great experience for novice fisherman - 6/17/2011
    By: from Southwest Indiana

    My wife, daughter and I attended the Orvis 2 day fly fishing school June 3 &4 in Dogwood Canyon Mo. The overall experience, instructors and facilities were fantastic. Keith Oxby was wonderful as our primary instructor. I highly recommend Keith, this school and in particular this location to anyone wanting to learn to fly fish in great surroundings with great teachers. They folks certainly went out of their way to make our experience enjoyable and worthwhile. Glad we did it. Wish there was a 2nd level class for those of us wanting more training after we've had time to practice what we learned. I use the casting tips (tick - tock) every evening now to practice at least 50 casts into a lake behind my home. Well done everyone.

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