Luxury Cotton & Merino Shirt Multiple colors available
$139.00 - $149.00
4.6/5 stars
Pure Cotton Wrinkle-Free Shirts $79.0030% off Sale Price: $55.30
4.8/5 stars
Antique Oxford Shirts $79.00 - $89.0010% off Sale Price: $71.10
4.6/5 stars
Short-sleeved Pure Linen Shirts $89.0030% off Sale Price: $62.30
4.8/5 stars
Wrinkle-Free Oxford Long-Sleeved Shirt $98.0030% off Sale Price: $68.60
4.3/5 stars
White Plaid Long-Sleeved Shirt $79.0030% off Sale Price: $55.30
4.6/5 stars
Heritage Washed Long-Sleeved Oxford $89.0030% off Sale Price: $62.30
4.5/5 stars
Long-Sleeved Cotton Poplin Bush Shirt $89.00 - $98.0030% off Sale Price: $62.30
4.2/5 stars
Long-sleeved Pure Linen Shirts $89.0030% off Sale Price: $62.30
4.7/5 stars
Garment-Dyed Field Shirt $89.00Sale: $79.00
3.6/5 stars
The World's Coolest® Cotton Madras Shirts $59.0030% off Sale Price: $41.30
4.4/5 stars
World's Coolest® Cotton Madras Shirt $59.0030% off Sale Price: $41.30
4.3/5 stars
Game Bird Plaid Shirts $69.00Sale: $49.00
5.0/5 stars

Men’s Shirts

A man’s shirt sets the tone for his entire look. It communicates a sense of formality, or a casual air—or, in the case of men’s shirts from Orvis, it can communicate an effortless distinction, both relaxed and refined. Any pair of jeans is transformed when worn with one of our button-down shirts. With a men’s twill shirt underneath, an old jumper goes from plain to polished. Even those garments already thought of as sharp are lent a special touch by a crisp collared shirt. No other apparel can offer this special sense of sophistication, and that’s why our designers have formulated versions of this classic piece that will keep you comfortable in any climate, any time of the year, so you never have to go without. We have short-sleeve shirts that don’t just suffice in hot weather, they’re made specifically to keep you cool, making them the only ones you’ll want to reach for when things heat up. We use the same specialized fabrics for long-sleeve shirts, too, so you can sport a full-length look without breaking a sweat, and of course we have similar pieces in a heavier weight for the colder seasons. If you are often on the road, or simply loath to iron, we offer a full line of non-iron shirts for men, so you can look smart even whilst dressing out of a suitcase.

Our designers know which fabrics and patterns suit your particular sense of style. If you’re looking for a plaid shirt, we have them in spades. If you’re looking for a plain shirt, you’ll find just the color you want. Whether you’re looking for a checkered shirt or one in a Tattersall pattern, a bold print shirt or something a bit quieter, you’re sure to see just the right one in our collection. That’s the advantage of shopping with Orvis—we offer only the best.