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Explore the ongoing legacy of one of America's oldest outdoor brands.

A man looking at a fly in his hand

Our experiences eventually become the stories we tell. At the core of the Orvis brand is a legacy of putting exceptional products in the hands of extraordinary people – often accompanied by their four-legged companions. We’re driven to explore the beauty and wonder in the natural world and find joy in sharing our adventures along the way. Our focus isn’t just on landing the biggest brown trout on the most remote stretch of river, or bagging our limit of birds in the grasslands or woods. Sometimes it’s all about stopping and reflecting on the little things that bring a smile to our face, reveling in the things that make us look under rocks on the stream bottom, or look up from our desks in the middle of a work day.

To provide a bit of respite from the noise of life, we offer a Moment of Chill—a short, beautiful video that allows you to stop and briefly check out, while reconnecting to the adventure and wonder of the natural world. So sit back, relax, and breathe.

Four people investigating the soil in the Everglades

Follow the Water

When most people think of the Everglades, they picture the sawgrass wetlands and mangroves at the southern tip of Florida. What they don’t realize is that the health of this incredible ecosystem is dependent upon events far to the north.

Leigh H Perkins wearing fishing gear standing in water holding a fishing rod

Celebrating a Life Lived Outdoors

Leigh H. Perkins, 1927-2021

Leigh H. Perkins purchased The Orvis Company in 1965 and over the next three decades transformed it into one of the country’s most respected sporting, apparel, and dog brands. Despite his affinity for business, Leigh was most at home wading in a trout stream or walking behind a bird dog in the field. He was a lifelong outdoorsman who hunted or fished more than 250 days a year into his 90s, and his reverence for nature was at the heart of his drive to conserve land and water resources for future generations.

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Tom Rosenbauer fishing

The Rosenbauer Story

As told by Paul Fersen

I’ve spent a hundred mornings in Tom Rosenbauer’s kitchen. His dog Trilly taught my dog Pickett how to retrieve. He founded the Pawlet Duck and Retriever Club, whose only members were the two of us, Bob Murphy, and our three dogs—its very existence and grand moniker typical of Tom’s self-deprecating and often ironic sense of humor. We shot the occasional duck, but mostly we just sat by the Mettowee River behind Tom’s house, drank coffee, watched the sun rise and the river go by. Were it about shooting ducks, we would have quit long before, but in retrospect, it was more about Tom sharing himself and his river with Bob and me. . . .

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Woman tying a fly onto her fishing line

Angling For All

Committed to making fly fishing and the outdoors more inclusive.

Orvis’s vision is to inspire the world to love the adventure and wonder in nature. For us, an inspired world is one that is inclusive, equitable, and without barriers. One that is achieved by being vulnerable, acknowledging privilege, exploring blind spots, engaging in uncomfortable conversations, and effecting change.

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Simon Perkins and his dog Copa in a field


In her 14 years, Copa has been by the side of Orvis President Simon Perkins through myriad changes—Montana guide life, a move to Vermont, marriage, children, and more. Copa has been a constant source of love and companionship, and as she nears the end of her life, Simon reflects on how much their relationship has meant to him. In the fall of 2020, he wanted to give her a chance to return to the Montana prairies of her youth one last time, to run through the prairie in search of sharp-tailed grouse.

Nighttime camping scene with stars and fisheye view of tents and a campfire

Adventure Travel

Discovery and wonder exist in every nook of the natural world. We love to explore micro and macro ecosystems and we’re hell-bent on preserving them for generations to come.