Tom Rosenbauer's top fly picks for May and June 2007

Dry Flies

Matthews X-Caddis: Caddis flies are one of the most infuriating hatches for me, and the fish are usually taking the emerging pupas right in the film. For my tastes, a standard Elk Wing Caddis floats too high, but Craig Matthews’ X-Caddis floats lower and has a trailing shuck of Antron to suggest the shuck of an emerging caddis. Use this when you see caddisflies on the water, or when you see inconsistent, splashy rises.

Matthews X-Caddis

Hare’s Ear Parachute: My favorite small stream fly, this is like a Parachute Adams on steroids. You can see it, the fly floats beautifully, and the fish love it. My favorite for when large mayflies are on the water, but it really shines on small stream trout. Don’t worry what small stream trout might be eating—they’ll eat this one every time. Hare's Ear Parachute

Rusty Spinner: Most of the biggest trout I catch on dry flies, East and West, are during spinner falls, especially in the evening. Fish this one to steady, sipping risers. The pattern is hard to see, so just tighten the line when you see a rise anywhere in the general vicinity of the end of your line. Rusty Spinner

CDC Rabbits Foot Emerger: Trout usually prefer the emerging mayfly to one that is fully hatched, riding on its tiptoes. The emergers are trapped in the film and are much easier to capture. I use this in various sizes and colors to imitate most mayfly species. And don’t tell anybody I told you, but even though this was designed as a mayfly emerger, trout crush these when taking emerging caddisflies! CDC Rabbits Foot Emerger

Parachute Beetle: Beetles are active as soon as the first mayflies emerge and become more important as summer progresses. Fish are that picky when eating terrestrials and they love beetles, so if you’re blind-fishing in the middle of the day try this one. It floats all day and the red yarn on top helps you keep an eye on it. Parachute Beetle


Bead Head Pheasant Tail: This is one of my favorite patterns when blind-fishing nymphs in moderate riffles. It suggests a mayfly or small stonefly and just appeals to trout

Bead Head Pheasant Tail

Tunghead Hare's Ear Flashback: If you suspect trout are feeding on bigger mayflies or stoneflies this one works wonders. Use it in heavy water with big rocks, as that’s where most of the bigger mayflies and stoneflies live. Tunghead Hare's Ear Flashback

English Pheasant Tail: Fish in highly pressured waters sometimes see too many bead heads and flashbacks. When smaller mayflies are in evidence, especially on spring creeks and tailwaters, there is sometimes no better fly that a standard English Pheasant Tail. It often works when flashier, bulkier flies fail to interest the trout. English Pheasant Tail

LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa: Here’s another nymph that works over trout that have seen too many flies with beads and lots of tinsel. It has a more subtle flash, and there is no better fly when you see caddisflies on the water and an occasional splashy rise. LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa


Moto's Minnow: Yes, a Woolly Bugger is perhaps the most widely used streamer and perhaps that’s why this fly often works better. It’s a great sculpin, minnow, or crayfish imitation, and it’s as wiggly as a Woolly Bugger, but seems to be more effective on trout that have seen the same old Bugger too many times.

Moto's Minnow

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