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Father’s Day Gifts That Give Back

Today and every day, remember your gift is the gift of passing down outdoor traditions that help give meaning to our lives. For generations, Orvis has been giving 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting and restoring the natural world, so our children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy what has been so important to all of us. It’s a legacy that we proudly embrace, and a responsibility that we are grateful to share with you. 

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He taught you that every day can be its own adventure. This Father’s Day, treat Dad to an Orvis Schools experience he’ll never forget.

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Explore our New Adventures Map and discover all our fly-fishing and wingshooting lodges, guides, outfitters, group trips, schools, and more. Start your journey!

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The Best Fly-Fishing Gear in the World

Drawing on a sporting legacy that stretches for more than a century and a half, Orvis is proud to equip anglers with the best fly-fishing rods, reels, clothing, and gear in the world. Since our company founder Charles Orvis developed the first ‘modern’ fly reel—a device hailed in 1874 as “the benchmark of American reel design”—we continue to bring innovation to the fore in our celebrated fly-fishing gear. It is this tradition that inspired our Helios™ 3 Fly Rods, representing a new frontier in accuracy and design. And it is the same tradition you’ll see in all our fly-fishing gear, from our award-winning Ultralight Wading System to the Orvis Carry It All bag our own Perk Perkins helped design.

Browse all the essentials to pack for your next fishing adventure. Our fly-fishing clothing and wading gear promise to keep you plenty comfortable—even in those early season days when Mother Nature can’t decide whether she wants to rain or snow.


Stock your fly box with remarkably lifelike fly patterns. The off-season is ideal for tying up favorite recipes using our rugged fly-tying tools, materials, vises, hooks, and more. If you’d rather spend your time fishing than tying, we offer flies for every fishing scenario, so you can fool hungry trout and feisty tarpon with the buggiest patterns for salt- or freshwater applications—the fish won’t know who tied them, and we won’t tell.

How Do You Choose the Right Fly-Fishing Gear?

Determining the ideal fly-fishing rod, reel, or gear need not be a daunting task. Discover a wealth of fly-fishing know-how in our Fly-Fishing Learning Center, where you’ll find informative videos, podcasts, and articles on fly-fishing gear and equipment, techniques, and tactics, penned by Orvis experts.


Our convenient, step-by-step Fly Rod Selector takes the guesswork out of choosing the best fly rod or rod and reel combo; just answer a few basic questions, and we’ll show you the fly rods we think best align with your needs. Learn how to choose the right tippet size or fly line, so you can contend with murky water or spooky fish with confidence. Or simply browse all the gear you need to get started in our convenient collection of essential fly-fishing gear for beginners.

What are the six basic things needed for fly fishing?

To start your fly-fishing journey, you’ll need a six-part basic gear setup.


  • Fly rod: We recommend starting out with a Clearwater Fly Rod. Choose the rod weight and length based on your target species and where you’ll be fishing. Or use our rod selector tool to find the perfect fly rod for your needs.
  • Fly reel: Reels are specialized, so choose a reel to match the type of fishing you’ll do (target species, water type, average conditions). From there, determine the right line weight and then buy the reel size to fit that line weight. Our fly-fishing reels page explains everything.
  • Fly line system: To set yourself up for success, you’ll need the full fly line system, including backing, fly line, leader, and tippet. 
  • A few flies: Purchase a handful of flies proven to attract the species you’re trying to catch.
  • Accessories: Gather basic necessities to have while you’re on the water: nippers, hemostat (forceps), floatant, split-shot, strike indicators, and polarized sunglasses. 
  • Appropriate footwear: Different fishing environments call for different fishing footwear. For cold temperatures or rough terrain, you’ll need rugged wading boots. In sandy bottoms, maybe an amphibious shoe will do. Make sure whatever footwear you choose offers the traction you need for the conditions where you fish.


Let Orvis outfit you for your next day on the water, whether fly fishing defines your life, or you’re venturing out for the first time.