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In a bold and historic step, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust and the New England Forestry Foundation formed a partnership to work with Wagner Forest Management and Typhoon LLC on a project that will conserve forever 342,000 acres of productive forestland in Downeast Maine. This project, known as the Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership, is designed to sustain a rural economy and the lifestyles of the people who live in this area. The project hopes to create a new model for forest conservation that incorporates community support and involvement.

Project Location

The Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership is strategically positioned between more than 600,000 acres of conserved lands in New Brunswick and 200,000 acres of state, federal and Native American lands in Maine. This makes the overall conservation impact more than one million acres of essentially uninterrupted habitat across an international boundary.

Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership brings together the New England Forestry Foundation; Woodie Wheaton Land Trust (WWLT); Downeast Lakes Land Trust; Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indian Township; National Wildlife Federation, The State of Maine; and many year-round and seasonal residents who have volunteered to help make the partnership succeed.

New England Cable News (NECN) has teamed up with NEFF and the Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership. In online video archives, NECN's Scot Yount documents this beautiful region, and explains how to become part of this historic conservation project.

This project is community incubated, community based, and community driven. It seeks to sustain the local economy so dependent on an intact and healthy natural resource base. Most everyone in the region earns a living from the land. The livelihood of the local guides, loggers, basket makers, mill workers, trappers, canoe-builders and sporting camp workers, hinges on a productive land base. For generations, the natural resources have sustained the people who live here. With the success of this project, the future will be secure.

The Partnership Began This Effort In 2001
And Completed The First Purchase On March, 20, 2003 As Planned

St. Croix Corridor
A 50-mile, 3,019 acre, conservation corridor along Spednic Lake and the Upper St. Croix River will be acquired by the State of Maine, a purchase facilitated by NEFF and WWLT. The purchase was made on March 20, 2003 as planned. Click for map

Now, The Partnership Will Make Two Purchases In 2005

Fee Purchase
Two townships, 27,080 acres bordered by 62 miles of pristine lakeshore, will be purchased and managed as a community forest by Downeast Lakes Land Trust. Click for map
Conservation Easement
An easement over 312,000 acres of the “Sunrise Tree Farm” will be purchased by NEFF and the land will still be owned by Typhoon, LLC and managed Wagner Forest Mgt. Click for map

There are no high-tech service centers here; there is just the land and its capacity to produce timber and wildlife, clean water and unparalleled scenery. These remarkable lands, identified as critical breeding habitat for neotropical migratory birds, offer tremendous value for the conservation dollar.

The Natural Resources to be Conserved Include:

  • More than 445 miles of lake shoreline;
  • More than 1,500 miles of river and stream shoreline;
  • A least eight active Bald Eagle nests;
  • More than 10% of the loons of northern Maine;
  • More than 54,000 acres of productive wetland;
  • A significant peatland complex;
  • A tremendous cold water fishery for salmon and bass;
  • Habitat for at least 185 bird species including 23 warblers, loons, American black ducks, Canada geese, and wood ducks;
  • Habitat for bear, moose, deer, pine marten, beaver, otter and other mammals;
  • Vernal pools so important to frogs and salamanders; Historic Native American canoe routes;
  • and More than 60 lakes supporting fish and wildlife.

Project Cost

To complete these purchases the project partners must raise $29.5 million by May, 2005. We are more than half the way there and your generous contribution will help us get there in time.

Three Ways To Make Your Tax Deductible Contribution:

  • Send your contribution to:
    Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership
    C/O NEFF
    50 Forest Falls Dr.
    Yarmouth, ME 04096
  • Click here for a contribution form or
  • Click to donate on-line

For Further Information, Contact Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership:

Steve Keith, Executive Director of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, at (207) 796-2100

Amos Eno, Executive Director of New England Forestry Foundation, at (207) 847-9313.

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