Charlie Hisey

Charlie Hisey started in the Orvis Bamboo Rod Shop in January of 2006. He worked with Ron "Whitey" White until March of 2006, when Ron retired after 37 years and Charlie took over the shop. Prior to that, Charlie worked in the Rod & Tackle Department of the Orvis Flagship store. A lifelong fisherman from Maine, Charlie first learned to fly fish, in the English wet fly tradition, from his grandfather on the Peabody River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Charlie inherited his first Orvis bamboo rods (two Deluxes, a Midge, and a Battenkill) from his grandfather. These rods inspired his own cane rod making, which he began in 1993, building most of his own tools — ovens, binders, roughing mills, planing forms, and more — for hand-planing rods. He's been building "hex" bamboo and quad rods for nearly a decade, and his rod making has come full circle, as he now builds Orvis bamboo rods himself.

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