Seersucker Bedspreads

Seersucker Bedspreads from Orvis.Summer or Winter: A Classic Bedcover

Our classic bedcovers can transform a bedroom stuck in a winter rut. To lighten up, just exchange that heavy comforter for a cool, breathable all-cotton seersucker bedspread. We like them so much that we use them year-round; we simply add a wool or fleece blanket underneath when the snow starts to fly.

Origins of Seersucker Bedspreads

Seersucker’s texture of flat stripes alternating with puckered ones is woven into the fabric by re-adjusting the tension of the yarn in the loom. Once the finished textile is removed from the loom, the slack bands of fabric pucker up, resulting in the trademark seersucker look. The alternating weave also makes the fabric more breathable, and therefore comfortable in even the hottest weather. Seersucker was first widely used in America in the 1930s, because the fabric was cool, didn’t show wrinkles as easily as linen does, and could be washed. Today, it is one of the iconic American summer fabrics.

Durable and Versatile for Long-Wearing Comfort

Great for summer camp, in the guest room, at the lake house, in a dorm room, or for a beach house, these lightweight are easy to wash, transport, and won’t ever look wrinkled – well any more than their stripes are supposed to! Our spreads are made of the finest Turkish yarn-dyed cotton and are sewn with mitered corners. Extremely durable, our affordable seersucker bedspreads are a sound investment and are a good value in the long run. Seersucker is difficult to tear due to the weave, and is long-wearing.

Bedspreads to Match Any Décor

Available in a range of colors, plaids, stripes, and gingham checks, our classic bedding collection has something to match almost any décor.

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